Review Policy

I am NOT currently accepting books for review. 

Please see below for details. If you would like the review posted by a specific date, please submit the request a minimum of 45 days prior to that date.

The option to do a book spotlight, author interview, or other promotional post is always open, regardless of whether or not I am accepting books for review.

Format Details, Etc.

I am able to work with print books, ePub/MOBI files, Amazon files, and NetGalley links.

If the book is part of a series, I may require the previous books in order to review appropriately.

Preference and priority will be given to print books.

Genres/Age Ranges I Am Open To Reviewing

Children’s Fiction (including children’s poetry)
General Fiction
Middle Grade Fiction
Science Fiction (apocalyptic world, or based on Earth/planet that actually exists only)
Self- and Indie-Published Books
Young Adult Fiction

Genres/Age Ranges I Will Not Accept

Religion and Spirituality
Science Fiction (based on fictional planet or involves aliens. Some exceptions may apply)

What To Expect

Accepting a book for review does not guarantee a review. I will do my best to read and review in a timely fashion, but other personal and work related commitments may get in the way. In the event I am unable to get to your book, I will contact you to discuss the matter. My reviews are fair and honest, and I do my best to not reveal spoilers.

If I do not finish a book, I will also include an explanation of why. I do write and post reviews for books I do not finish, if I feel I have read enough to form a solid opinion. This is non-negotiable, though each book is approached on a case by case basis. If I feel unable to continue with the book and have not read enough to write a proper review, I may contact you to discuss other options to promote your book.

I do not guarantee positive reviews or high star ratings. If you are not comfortable with the possibility of a critical review or low star rating, please do not contact me for review. My average star rating across reviews on Goodreads 3.38, which is fairly low as far as book bloggers go.

I will not sell ARCs provided for review. Electronic files will not be shared without permission. Hardcopies may be loaned to friends and family to read, the same as I would do with finished copies.

In addition to this blog, reviews will be posted to Goodreads, Chapters Indigo and Amazon Canada. They will also be shared on my Twitter account. If there are additional places you’d like the review included, just let me know, but please realize that residing in Canada can limit which sites allow me to post it.

The following will be included in reviews:
-Cover art
-Summary of the book
-My rating
-From where I obtained the book
-My personal thoughts, including good points and downsides
-Links to buy the book (typically Book Depository, sometimes Amazon)

Rating Details

5/5 – I loved the story, the characters, and everything about it. Any issues with the book are minor, and do not affect the progression of the book. It is likely a new favourite of mine.
4/5 – The book was great. There were probably a few issues in the book that bothered me, but I could overlook them with minimal effort.
3/5 – The book was good, but there were some aspects of it I just could not get past. It could be flat characters, kinks in the storyline, or another issue that will be indicated in the review.
2/5 – The book was okay, but there were a number of issues that I struggled with. It is a book that probably did not live up to its’ summary, and I likely had a hard time getting through the story.
1/5 – There is a very good chance I skimmed to get through this book, or did not finish it. At the most, I disliked it. It likely had some major issues, such as poor editing or writing, no development, or other issues that will be indicated in the review. It may also be based on personal taste and enjoyment.
0/5 – Did not finish. Have not read enough to give a rating.


All reviews and posts on this page are under copyright. I typically don’t mind you using my reviews or posts for promotional or other purposes, but please contact me prior to doing so, or include it in your request.

I love helping books get some attention, but cannot always take on every review request I receive. If you are open to doing a guest post, excerpt post, giveaway, interview, or other promotional post, please include that in your email.


Review requests or questions can be sent to: