About Hilary


I’m Hilary, and I have a book problem. But you probably figured that since you’re on my book blog…

I’ve been an avid reading for as long as I remember. While I will pick up anything that catches my interest, I’m particularly fond of fantasy, science fiction, young adult, mystery, and thrillers, in no particular order. There is also a special place in my heart for stories about royalty, and those that revolve around World War Two. The only thing I won’t pick up is straight-up romance, because honestly, I find it boring (even then, there are some exceptions, though).

In my real life, I run a music therapy private practice and music programs for children. I won’t go on too much about music therapy here, because it can turn into quite the spiel. I really love what I do, and can talk about it for days.

When not reading or working, I enjoy playing or listening to music, cycling, hunting down cups of coffee, having bizarre conversations with friends, or messing around with my beloved bullet journal.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my love for books and my thoughts about what I’m reading to anyone interested. I’ve always kept these written down in notebooks, for my own amusement, and it seemed time to come into the present, and get them off paper and into cyberspace.


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