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Songs Wrote My Story is Going on Hiatus!

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I’m finally getting around to making it official. I’ve probably unofficially been on hiatus for a few weeks now.

After two and a half years of this, it feels like time for a bit of a break.

Lists are always fun, so here a list on my reasons for this hiatus (incase you were wondering):

1. Reading on a schedule is starting to feel like a job. And I’m not knocking all the books I’ve gotten for review, because I’ve found so many awesome new books through doing that. But I liked mood reading, and you can’t do that when you have to get through a certain number of books in a month, regardless of your interest. (And I would feel awful if I didn’t follow through with my commitments.)

2. There are approximately 45 books on my shelf that I’m super excited to read, and have not gotten around to yet because of making commitments to other books. And since I spent money on them, I should probably get around to reading them.

3. I’ve joined a new HP RPG site, and have been getting really into it, which takes time away from reading and blogging as quickly.

4. I also picked up knitting early this month, and I’m still super slow at it. It’s been really great for my self-care practices, but until I pick up speed, it’s a long process to make anything.

5. I’m trying to write a book. It’s 99% awful currently, but I’ve received a lot of positive response from the concept from people I’ve talked to, so I think it might have potential with major editing.

I’ve still got some books and posts outstanding, so despite this hiatus, you’ll still see a few things going up around here over the next month or so. But I’ve stopped taking books for review, and I’ll probably not review most of the books I pick up on my own. I’ll also still be around on Twitter (which I post two maybe twice a week, but still) in the meantime. I’ll probably still go through the blogs on follow now and then as well.

The plan is to get back to reviewing and blogging again in future, though at this point, I don’t know when that will be. I’m still working through the books I have for review currently.

Thanks for everything, folks. It’s been great.

5 thoughts on “Songs Wrote My Story is Going on Hiatus!

  1. Hooray for self care! May all the books on your shelf be even more awesome because you can read them at your own leisure, and hooray for new HP RPGs. ❤ I'll be stalking you around all your blocks when I can (boy that sounds naughty). ^_^

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