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Books I Could Re-Read Forever

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted on That Artsy Reader Girl (previously on The Broke and the Bookish).

This week’s theme is books that you can reread forever, and since I love rereading books, I definitely wanted to get in on this discussion. I don’t reread as much as I used to, since blogging means that I end up having to picking up more new books to read. But I still try to get to my old favourites every so often.

So these are some books that I definitely could reread a million times and never get sick of.


I’ve read this book quite a few times, considering it only came out a few years back. It’s a great story with great characters, and it always sits a little funny for me, even though I know everything turns out okay in the end.


I don’t really need to reread these anymore, because I know them almost by heart, but they always remind me of being younger. Rereading them always feels a little like going home.


Something about this book always stuck with me, and I’ve got back to it quite a few times now. It’s one of my favourites by Picoult.


I’ve been carrying around this book since I was in elementary school (it’s in pretty rough shape these days), and still love it.


These books are my go-to sick-in-bed reads. They’re fun, easy reads, and I love the idea of the Academy and how it works.


I think I was in junior high when I read this book originally, and it’s another one that’s made the trip around with me since then. It is in slightly better shape than The Two Princesses of Bamarre.


This is my go-to ‘I need a break from my own head’ book. It’s easy and fun, and I love how nerdy it is.


I only read this for the first time a little over a month ago, but I’m already excited to give it another read, because it was so good.


Another one I’ve only read recently, but already know it’s going to be one I keep coming back to.

What are your favourite books to reread? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Books I Could Re-Read Forever

  1. I don’t really re-read books, except for some of my favorite contemporary romances or my favorite scenes in some books for a pick-me-up. But I’m glad to hear you loved Saint Anything! I’ve had that book (along with many other Sarah Dessen books) on my shelf for a while now and I’m looking forward to reading them!

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