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So I never really do tags anymore. Or ever really have, to be totally honest.

But I saw this one on Books and Blends and I liked it, so we’re gonna go with it.

1. Answer the questions below
2. Credit the creator Jamie @ALittleSliceofJamie
3. Tag at least 5 people You can just go do this if you want. I hate tagging people.
4. Have fun!

1. Where Do You Typically Write Your Blog Posts?

At home, on my couch. Occasionally in a Starbucks/Second Cup/other coffee shop if I’m working on this sort of stuff during my work day.

2. How Long Does It Generally Take To Write A Book Review?

10-20 minutes if I’m focused. Up to an hour if I’m distracted.

3. When Did You Start Your Book Blog?

March 2016. Coming up on two years!

4. What Is The Worst Thing About Having A Book Blog In Your Opinion?

The worrying about stats and comparing yourself to other blogs and all those other things that mess with your head. It’s dumb, and I generally don’t care that I run a smaller blog than some of the ones I follow, but it’s hard not to get caught up in it sometimes, and it definitely rocks your confidence.

5. What’s The Best Thing About Having A Book Blog In Your Opinion?

Finding out about so many books I would have never heard of otherwise! There are so many books that I would have never found on my own, or authors I would have never heard of if not for this blog.

6. What Blog Post Have You Had The Most Fun Writing So Far?

This is a hard one, because I don’t really remember what posts I enjoyed writing the most. My memory isn’t good for things like that. I generally really like the book reviews that are 3 stars, because they generally have the best lists in my reviews. Not quite what the question asked, but that’s what I’ve got.

7. What Is Your Favourite Type of Blog Post To Write?

Book reviews. By far.

I just really love talking about what I’m reading. Which makes it disappointing that these often get the fewest comments and hits.

8. When Do You Typically Write?

Generally, on the weekends, because that’s when I have the most time. Saturday afternoons are generally best, because my partner is at work, and I can park myself in front of the television with a good drink and go to town.

9. Do You Review Every Book You Read?

I try to. I’ve missed a few.

10. How Do You Write Your Book Reviews? With A Cup of Coffee or Tea? With Netflix? Cuddled With Your Fur Baby?

It depends when I’m writing. Coffee if it’s earlier in the day, water or beer if it’s later. Netflix or music for background noise. Preferably I’m left alone to do this, but that doesn’t always happen.

11. When Do You Write Your Book Reviews? Right After Finishing The Book? Two Weeks After Finishing The Book?

I prefer to do them within 24 hours of finishing the book, but that doesn’t always work if I’ve finished it in the middle of a work week. I try to as soon as possible, though, before I forget about the book.

12. How Often Do You Post?

Book reviews on Thursday, also Monday if I’ve read enough to do it. Songs on Saturdays. Life Chats on Sundays. And then at random for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (sometimes tags or memes, or posts for authors, wrap ups, so on so forth). So at least 4 times a week?

If you end up doing this tag, please shoot me your link! I’d love to see your responses!

4 thoughts on “Book Blogger Insider Tag

  1. I loved your answers!
    I’ve been thinking about going to Starbucks to blog lately, I think the space would give me some inspiration.
    & I compare myself to other bloggers too, I try not to but it gets to me sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

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