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Winterviews 2017-2018

Once again, I have the great honour of being a partner with the lovely K.J. Harrowick’s Winterviews Blog Hop!

Mind you, I’ve been a pretty lousy partner this year, being so caught up in the real world. But better late than never, right?

Winterviews is an author interview series that takes place in the frigid winter months. It’s the perfect weekly get away, just snuggle up in your blanket, grab your hot beverage of choice, and read about these fantastic authors.

You ready for this?

(I’ll be linking all the interviews to this post as they go live, so keep an eye on this post for new interviews!)

Winterviews is Coming
Blog Hop Overview
Meet Kat – The Mastermind Behind This Whole Thing

Partner Interviews

Hilary @ SongsWroteMyStory
Angela – Science Fiction Writer
Maria – Neurosurgeon and Fantasy Writer
Chloe – Romance Writer
Lexi – Romance Writer
Kaelan – Erotic Speculative Fiction Romance Writer

Author Interviews

Sarah J. Sover
Simone Cottrell

Hope you enjoy!


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