Review: Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed by Tabi Slick

Visions of the past, powers beyond belief, and a school that has been waiting for them for over a hundred years. Kain and Izara’s abilities have advanced far greater than they ever imagined possible and it’s all due to their new friend that has joined them. This year will bring the Torvik twins closer to solving the mystery of who they are, why they have these powers, and even closer to unveiling the school’s most haunting secret.

Tompkin's School 2 eCover

Song For This Book: Vampires Will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance
Why? I know this book is about demons and not vampires, but it got this song stuck in my head, so we’re going with it.


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I was so excited to see that there was another book coming out in this series. I really enjoyed the first one, and I was curious to see what sort of chaos Kain and Izara were going to find themselves in this time around. Especially since the last book left me insanely curious about where this series was going.

I was definitely not disappointed in this one, either. I would even go so far to say as it was better than the first book, with the writing and the story improved all around. It did feel like the second book a series, with a lot of build and not a ton of action, but it wasn’t the worst case of second book syndrome that I’ve ever seen. And I am so stoked to see what happens to Kain and Izara next.

The Good Points About Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed:

The writing was so good for this book. It read more easily, and it was cleaner and the editing felt better, which I really enjoyed. The first one wasn’t that bad, but this was a fantastic improvement.

I love how the characters developed, especially in the area of their powers and how they respond to their powers. There were lots of cool things coming up, and exciting things happening, while it all kind of went crazy for everyone. It was great to see how Kain and Izara are growing into their abilities and how it’s affecting them as people.

Despite this feeling a lot like a second book, it was definitely a hard book to put down. Every time I thought that I was getting a little bored with the story, something crazy would go down and I’d be sucked right back in. The pacing is perfect throughout the story, and it definitely leaves you desperate to know what happens next.

I loved getting to see both Kain and Izara’s perspectives in this book, as well as some scenes from other characters. I’m not one to generally like changing points of view, but it worked really well for this story, and I felt it told the best rounded story.

This cover is a hundred times better than the last book. I love this cover, and it fits the story so well. Not that the last one didn’t. But this one’s better.

The Downsides of Tompkin’s School: For The Dearly Departed:

A lot of things happened in this book, but we didn’t get any big crazy events like we did in the first book. Much of the story felt like it was building up to whatever is planned for the next book. It’s all interesting stuff happening, but it felt like the book just stopped, rather than had a solid ending.

I did find this book a little bit confusing, trying to keep track of all the information and what was happening to who, especially when it came to Choyce and all his history. This might have just been me, or maybe that it’s been a while since I read the last book, but I kept having to go back and see if I had missed something.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and I am so excited to see what sort of chaos and mayhem that Kain and Izara find themselves in next. This was a fun, easy, fast-paced read that keeps you hooked from page one until you’re closing the book and demanding more. If you like demons, urban fantasy, boarding schools, and books that include the 1900s, you’re likely love this series.

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