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My Favourite Comfort Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted onThe Broke and the Bookish. But they’re on break, so I’ve been making up my own of late.

This last week has been long and really hard, which is where the idea for this post came from. You know those books that you always gravitate to when you’re having a rough day or if you’re sick or whatever sucky thing has been happening? Maybe it’s just me because I really like rereading books. But there are some books I always go for when I need a comfort read, and here they are!


This is the book I picked up most recently when I needed something fun and easy to read, so I figured it deserves to go first on the list. It’s a nice, sweet story that you can just motor through.


I suppose, if you’ve been following my stuff for a while, you know why it’s on this list.


This is probably a pretty depressing read for a comfort read, but it’s one I tend to gravitate to for whatever reason.


Or any Sarah Dessen book really. But since this is the only hard copy one I have here, I tend to pick that up first.


This books are the ones I always read when I’m sick, maybe because I read them the first time while fighting the flu. They’re fun, easy comfort reads.


These books fall into the category of ‘I would never read this in public’, but they’re feel good books for when you feel shitty.


I just love this series, so they’re nice to read when I don’t feel so great.


There’s something about non-happy books that are kinda nice when you’re non-happy too.


I read this series for the first time about 15 years ago, so the nostalgia is nice.


Fairy tale rewrites are always nice when you’re feeling off.

What are some of your favourite comfort reads? Let me know in the comments below!


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