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Books I Would Recommend From My Own Shelf, If You Came Over to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted on The Broke and the Bookish.

But they’re on break. So I’m making up my own topic because the idea popped into my head last night and I decided to run with it.

So here’s the scenario:

You’ve come to visit my place. We order in food and make coffee and decide that we’re going to settle in and read on the balcony. But you forgot to bring your book with you. Don’t worry, though, because I’ve got a bunch you can choose from. With so many choices, you ask for some recommendations based on some preferences. You want…

“A book that won’t make me think too hard.”


Or any of the books in this series. They’re pretty much the definition of easy reading.

“A great fantasy.”


They’re such good books! And though the world sounds kind of silly, it works really well in the story.

“Something you know that I’ll love.”


What else would I give you?

“Something a little scary.”


This book is the perfect amount of creepy and addictive, and you’ll probably finish it before you go home.

“A really good thriller that won’t scare the pants off of me.”


There are a couple of parts that could be a bit creepy, but this book is so good and the perfect definition of a thriller.

“Something with hot guys.”


How about ten hot guys?

“Something historical.”


This book jumps back and forth between WW2 and present day, but it’s such a good story about WW2.

“Something that will make me think.”


This book is an amazing story of grief and childhood, and will get you wondering all sorts of things as you go.

“A fairy tale retelling.”


Especially if you like sci-fi.

“A book from your ARC shelf.”


It’s definitely one of the more unique books on that shelf.


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