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Q&A Time!

In honour of 500 Followers, I asked for questions so I could do a Q&A. It seemed like a fun way to celebrate, and I love reading other people’s Q&A posts, so figured it was worth a go.

Honestly, I thought that no one would have any questions for me, and that this would just be an awkward, failed attempt to join in on the fun I see on twitter. But some of you actually had questions, which is super exciting!

So here we go! Thank you all for indulging me on this!

Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books asks:
What character in a book do think is most like you?

This is such a tricky question. After much staring at my bookcase, I’m going to go with some sort of combination of Hermione from Harry Potter, Lia from Wintergirls, and Kelsea from The Queen of the Tearling. That’s about the best I can figure.

Mahriya @ MyBookishLife asks:
Favourite songs at the moment?

Right now, I’m loving Want You Back by HAIM, Carry You by Novo Amor, Woke Up Like This by River Town Saints, No Regrets by JAHKOY and That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars for listening. In terms of what I am enjoying singing lately, If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift, White Cliffs of Dover, and Could I Be Your Girl by Jan Arden.

If you could choose only ONE book to PURCHASE, which would it be?

There’s a lot of factors for this: do I keep the books I have or just this one? Can I still go to the library?

At this point, I would say the big edition of the Chronicles of Narnia with all the books in chronological order. I had these books when I was younger, but I think they got absorbed into my mum’s or my sister’s collection, and I’ve been itching to reread them lately.


Jessica Tuckerman asks:
How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I have been blogging since March 2016! So what’s that, just under a year and a half or so?

I actually started because I was bored. I had some time off work, everyone else was still working, and I had been reading a lot of book blogs and watching a lot of booktube in my downtime. Thought it might be fun to start my own blog, so I played around with some reviews I’d already written and some design stuff. I never thought I’d keep up with it, but here we are!

Katie @ Never Not Reading asks:
If you were stuck on a desert island for a year, which ONE book would you bring?

I would probably go for one of Neil Gaiman’s short story collections. If I’ve only got one to last me a whole year, a huge collection of stories sounds like the best choice.


Emma the Book Lover asks:
What was the last book you gave 5/5 stars to, and why!?

The review hasn’t gone up on here yet, but it was Black and Green by C.L. Stone. I’m so in love with that series, even though it can be a bit ridiculous at times. And since I enjoyed it so much, and because they finally got some better editing for those books, I decided to give it five stars.


AuthorsInspiration asks:
When you began blogging, were you taking it seriously or was it just a past time? Was it what you had been expecting? Was it more or less?

It was literally something to do while I was home and bored over a long weekend. Not serious at all. Even now, I only take it as seriously as I would any of my other hobbies, because I don’t want the fun to go out of it. When someone starts paying me to do this, I’ll start taking it really serious.

It’s definitely turned out to be so much more than I expected. I didn’t expect my little blog to go anywhere. I figured I’d find a couple of people who might like what I think, but I never imagined that hundreds of people would want to know what I had to say, and that I would be fascinated by what they think as well. So that’s super cool.

Jackie @ Too Much of A Book Nerd asks:
What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve been writing book reviews since my junior high days, because my library had a program for teens that involved writing reviews and getting prizes. When I started getting into reading again after university, I wanted to start doing reviews again, because I liked talking about books and no one I knew was reading what I was. Somehow found booktube which led me to blogs, and I thought it would be fun. And then boredom got it off the ground!

What book could you reread over and over again and never get tired of?

It’s definitely a tie between the Harry Potter books, and the Academy Ghost Bird series. I’ve reread them both multiple times and never get bored.


If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be and why?

Perhaps a strange answer, but I want the dog from A Dog’s Purpose to come to life. I think he’s wonderful.


TeacherofYA asks:
What made you choose your blog name?

I knew when I started my blog that it was going to be some combination of music and books. It actually was called Songs & Stories for the first few days, though I wanted something a little more unique than that. So I was musing on this idea, and remembered that I had a teacher who used to talk about life stories and what aspects of our life wrote the story of our future, or something like that. And it just came out of there.

I go back and forth with whether I actually like it or not, but it’s stuck now, so no sense in worrying about it.

dianesloftis asks:
What is one piece of advice that you can offer to other book bloggers as a way to help them on their blogging journey?

Read what you want and do things your way, and don’t worry too much about whether or not other people will like it. If you’re having fun with what you’re doing, and you’re passionate about the books you’re reading, people who like what you’re doing will find their way to you.

Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews asks:
What’s one thing about blogging that you never expected when you first started?

That people would actually read my stuff? That I’d stick with it?

Also, I suppose I didn’t realize how big this community was, and how supportive it would be. Any readers I had met in my real life were quieter and more independent, so I always assumed that reading was sort of a solo deal. But then I got on here, and realized that not only can reading be a social activity, but there are a lot of wonderfully supportive people out there, even for people like me who tend to sit back more and not get so involved.

Is there a genre you don’t really read but would like to try more of?

I’ve been trying lately to read more adult fantasy and science fiction. I’ve read a lot of these in the YA range, but my experiences with the adult range has not been great. But I figure that there have to be some good books, so I’m working on that.


21 thoughts on “Q&A Time!

  1. Loved reading all your answers!! Totally with you on not realising how big this community was! I didn’t even really know it existed until I started blogging 😂 like the fact that there was a whole part of YouTube just dedicated to books kind of blew my mind a little. I really want to read more Adult Fiction sci-fi! I’ve heard great things about The Long Way to a Small Angry planet. I’m hoping to get to that one soon!

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  2. Yay to Q&As! I really enjoyed your answers, especiallt the advice at the end. It really resonates with me.
    I really think boredom is the mother of invention, not necessity. So here we are! XD
    Great post and congrats once again on 500+ followers! May there be many more 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They bribed me to do it with free books! I tried to find if the program was still going, but didn’t see anything. I suppose that makes sense since it was at least… 8 years ago? But it was a website we could go on a review books we were reading. We’d list the library we frequented, and then could post reviews, and every review we wrote entered us in to win a prize at the end of the month.

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  3. Hi Hilary! I really enjoyed reading your Q&A. I want to mention that the title of your blog is what caught my attention enough for me to click through as a way to know more– second to me noticing your book review of the Quantum Door by Jonathan Ballagh via Twitter. I too have a love for music and books, and I feel like the way you’ve managed to creatively combined the two is interesting. So, I’m glad the title has stuck. LoL! Thank you for featuring my question. I think your advice is wonderful. *smiles*

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  4. Interesting responses to these questions. I have been blogging since December 2015 and getting close to 300 followers. I didn’t want to have a blog in the first place, but friends and family convinced me to and it turned out to be more enjoyable than I thought it would be. When I think of fictional characters, musical characters seem to come to mind first, but at times, book characters come to mind

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