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500 Followers & Ask Me Questions!

Hey folks!

So I woke up to a super awesome surprise yesterday morning: I’ve finally hit 500 followers!


This is super crazy to me, because I never thought people would really care about what I think about books and what I have to say. I figured I find a few like minded people, but that this would be my little corner of the book blogging world where I could talk about things I liked. And then you folks all popped up, and here we are!

So thank you!

In honour of this milestone, I wanted to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while: a giveaway. But because of life things, summer coming up,  my significantly reduced work schedule which leads to significantly reduced income, taking a course for my work, and needing some tech upgrades for work, I just can’t manage that right now.

So we’re going to put that idea back on the shelf, and go for someone that kinda scares me instead. I’M GONNA DO A Q&A!!

This scares me because I am totally convinced that no one is going to ask me anything and this will just be a weird post that never gets acknowledged. So please ask me questions, and I will answer them in the near future!



30 thoughts on “500 Followers & Ask Me Questions!

  1. Ahh, huge congrats on 500 followers that’s amazing 🎉🎉

    This is a super late response so I’m not sure if you’re still taking questions but just in case!!

    What’s one thing about blogging that you never expected when you first started?
    Is there a genre you don’t really read but would like to try more of?

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  2. Congratulations on 500! What is one piece of advice that you can offer to other book bloggers as a way to help them on their blogging journey?

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