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My Favourite Dads in Literature

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted on The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is a Father’s Day freebie. I would have loved to do something similar to what I had done for the Mother’s Day one and do a list of books that my dad likes or that we’ve read together, but my dad isn’t much of a reader. Well, except for the newspaper. So that idea was out.

After some thought, I decided to settle for my favourite dad or father figures in literature. It’s a bit of a tricky list to make, since I tend to not come across that many father figures in the books I read, but we’ll give this a shot anyway.


I loved Peter in this book and how he handled the whole situation. It may not be perfect, but he did the best he could, and that’s the most you can ask from any dad.


Liesel’s foster father is such a fantastic character, and I loved him so much throughout this book.


Okay, so after a couple of really great father figures, this one might seem a bit weird. But Dill’s father is so crazy and strange that I loved him anyway. Even if he did mess up Dill fairly well.


The father in this story was definitely the best part for me. I loved his determination and honesty with his son.


I loved Tom so much, and I was constantly disappointed that he was stuck with someone as awful as Isabel. He deserved better. But he was also an amazing father to the little girl.


Sir was such a great father figure, even if he sacrificed some of the fatherly attitude to ensure that the kids were raised ready to fight for their home.

This was a hard list to make! I need to go find some more books revolving around Dads I suppose.

Who are your favourite literary dads? Let me know in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “My Favourite Dads in Literature

  1. I need to read the book theif. Im finishing up the Snow Like Ashes series now. Currently at the end of Ice Like Fire. And I like Sir as a father figure because he isn’t perfect. He’s so torn between country and family. And it makes him legit.

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      1. I started with the movie of the musical eventually got to see the stage show. So far saw the stage show four times: 3x community college production and 1x in London. The same summer I went to London, I read and finished the unabridged book

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  2. Hans in the Book Thief is probably the best written dad I’ve ever read! The rest of your books I still have on my TBR – I can’t wait to read them and find out why you love them so much!


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