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Why I Could Never Be a Booktuber

Booktube is awesome.

It’s the reason I that I found out that was a book community online beyond just Goodreads and stuff like that. I came across a discussion by BooksandLala (don’t ask me which. It was a year and a half ago, I don’t remember), and I kept clicking on more and more videos until I was completely hooked.

I was so excited to find people online talking about books, because while my friends read and shared books, many of them didn’t overlap with my tastes at the time (we’re working on that). From there I found blogs, and the rest is history.

But I could never be a booktuber.

Even though I think it’d be fun. And booktube gets way more attention than my blog ever will.

There are a few reasons behind this, so let’s break this down, shall we?

I suck at park-and-bark.

I don’t know if that’s the technical term for it, but the person who I’ve done work videos with uses this phrase, and so it’s stuck.

Put me in front of a camera and, even if I have gone over what I’m going to say a hundred times, I blank. The videos I have done for work usually involve at least 20 minutes of me sitting there, going “uhhhhhhhhhh…. ummmmmm….. soooooo…..” Which is time consuming, and would suck to edit (someone edits the work videos for me, because they’re posted to their page, so my uhhhs are not my problem).

I know nothing about video editing.

Which I could learn, I guess.

But I don’t have as much time as I’d like to read and check out people’s blogs, let alone spending time learning to edit, and maintaining all these things I already do.

To hell with editing, I have no recording equipment!

I’ve got my laptop, my phone, my iPad, and some lights that currently keep my dark apartment bright enough to live in. And while I have an amazing job, it’s not the sort of job you get rich from. So can’t really afford to add equipment to the budget either.

So mix some low end recordings because of stuff not designed for high quality videos, and me being garbage at editing, and it’s not a good combination.

Plus, I’d rather spend my money on books than cameras and lighting and programming.

I start talking funny when I try to talk with my computer in my face.

I grew up somewhere with a distinct accent. Over the years, I’ve learned to speak more typically Canadian, because people don’t always understand what I say when I slip into the accent. And for whatever reason, talking on technology makes me slip into it without noticing. Plus, it gets worse when I get excited (and let’s be honest, I’m always excited on here), so it just would be weird.

I’d have to wear something nice, and actually do something with my hair/make up.

And that’s not really my thing.

I get done up nice for work, because that’s work.

But right now, I’m writing this post in a huge sweater, shorts and I probably have kid boogers in my hair from work (workplace hazard in early childhood). But if I didn’t tell you that, you wouldn’t know, because you’re just reading this and not watching a video of me talking. But if this were a video, there’d probably be a million comments about my booger-y hair and few about the books.

I much prefer to write posts in whatever I happen to be wearing, and not be constantly worried about if I look okay or not.

My schedule is weird, which could be an issue with recording videos.

Not because I couldn’t find time to do it. I’m a big believer that you make time for things you love.

But my west-facing, in a series of buildings apartment gets about one hour of sunshine a day. It’s very dark the rest of the time. Which means the awful washing-out of everything because of our energy efficient lights.

Plus most of my videos would probably be done really early or really late in the day, which means I’ll be in various states of half asleep/wired/various stages of functional. And that’s not gonna go well.

I fidget like crazy, and that would look silly in videos.

I can manage for short periods to not fidget, but it’s not normal for me. I move constantly. I get up and walk when I think. I wring my hands, move things around, play with whatever happens to be in my hands. I bounce around when I get excited. Not good for keeping a video looking semi-normal.

I like words.

I deal with sound all day.

I like words when I get home.

I sing and talk all day for work, and pushing my voice through videos all even doesn’t sound healthy.

I don’t know if this is a thing, but giving my voice a break in the evenings, rather than talking at computers all night, seems like the best plan.

Book hauls are such big things, but I don’t acquire a lot of physical books per month.

I try to limit what I buy, and I also get quite a few books either from the library or in electronic form. And since book hauls are generally considered the big draw for booktubers, I’d fall behind on that front.

My work requires me to have a big online presence. I like to keep some privacy for my hobbies.

My work stuff is pretty easy to find online. That’s kind of the point, since I get most of my work through my online presence and listings. But it’s still weird that my face, name, and personal information are plastered all over the internet.

So when I’m on here and talking books, I try to keep my face and details off to balance it somewhat (which is why I have no photos of my face on my book stuff). And you can’t do that when you’re on booktube.


There are probably more reasons than this, but these are the ones I’ve got for the moment. Needless to say, I’m not planning on making a booktube account anytime soon.

Any reasons that you are or are not on booktube? Let’s talk in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “Why I Could Never Be a Booktuber

  1. I think sometimes we as adults have become so run down and overwhelmed by trying to take a small break. That is why so many like videos instead of reading, it’s about time. I do have to agree, i still love the written word. It’s very easy on the eyes instead of alk theatrics and movements. Don’t get me started with the go pros where people attach them to their heads and walk around. Dizzying to say the least. Anyway, this post is sums videos/youtube(ing) perfectly.

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  2. I completely agree with all of your points above – and that’s exactly why I would never be able to booktube! Filming and editing them sounds like a lot of time and effort, plus I hate my voice when it’s recorded! I like watching them sometimes but I think I still prefer blogs – that way I can read them while multi-tasking and also watching TV or something.

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  3. I also don’t think I’d be great at Youtube. I do have the same problem that I don’t own the equipment and have no experience making or editing videos, but I think this would be a reasonable challenge to deal with if I were serious about videos. My real issue is just that I think I’m better at writing and wouldn’t be charismatic in front of the camera in the right way to actually get followers. :p

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  4. I’ve contemplated the idea of BookTube several times, but don’t think I could ever go through it for a lot of the reasons you listed. I have no decent equipment and I don’t really have the space for it. I don’t haul many books either anymore and I feel like that’s one of the main things people go for on BookTube haha.

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    1. Booktube always seemed like a good idea, until actually trying to figure out how to do it. Equipment is expensive and book hauls are your big draw, and if you don’t haul a lot of physical books, you’ll probably fall behind. Yay for blogs!


  5. I totally see where you’re coming from. My husband wants me to start a booktube but I’m a little hesitant. I don’t wear makeup daily. Heck I sometimes don’t wear it weekly. I don’t do big hauls anymore. And I’m not very good at receiving negative feedback. I’m very self conscious about my weight. And I just don’t know. But I do have the time…

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    1. You should totally do it – I’d watch your videos! But it’s definitely a terrifying thing to do, put videos of yourself online. But you also have the chance of getting way more popular than you would on a blog!

      If you do decide to do one, be sure to send me the link so I can like all your videos!


  6. I’ve thought about doing BookTube as well, but I’ve run into a lot of the issues that you describe too. Especially the lack of equipment. Proper equipment is crazy expensive. If you wanted to get into video editing, however, it’s not too difficult. I was a professional media major and I’m terrible with technology. The only real issue is how time consuming it can be. Getting over the being on camera thing takes more time. Like you, I’ve experienced the dreaded blank as well. When a camera is pointed at me it’s difficult to even remember what my name is.

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    1. Time consuming is definitely something that I would struggle with, especially since I’d basically be starting from scratch. I’m sure it’s stuff that all comes with time (other than maybe the money bit). The blank is brutal though.


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