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Books My Mom and I Loved Together

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over onย The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is a mother’s day freebie, so I have opted to make a list of books that my mom and I have both read and loved. My mom’s probably the reason I love to read as much as I do today. She always had a collection of books in her closet (her closet is all bookshelves, with some clothes stuck in the middle, not kidding), and she was always down to read whatever was cool with my sister and I.

So here are some books that we have both loved over the years in honour of Mother’s Day, just a couple of days late.


My mom read Harry Potter along with me as a kid. I’d get each new book as it was released, and she’d read it right after I’d finished it. It apparently made her a big hit with the kids where she worked.


My mom actually has claimed my copy of this book as her own, and I’ve given up trying to get it back. We read this one around the time my grandfather had died, and it resonated a lot with both of us at the time.


My mom recommended this book to me long before I actually picked it up, but I’m so glad that I actually took the recommendation. It’s such a fun story, and the mystery is great.


I think I loved this book more than my mom did, to be honest. But she did say she enjoyed it, so I’ll count it.


My mom loves Stephen King books. I haven’t read them quite to the extent that she has, though I plan to try a few more in the near future, but I have liked what I’ve read.

Books I Would Recommend For My Mom

I love about 5000km away from my mom these days, so it’s harder to convince her to read the books I like than it was when I lived in the same house as her. But the following are some books that I want her to read in the near future, because I’m sure she’d love them.

14 thoughts on “Books My Mom and I Loved Together

      1. Ha, it only happened last year. I was complaining about having nothing to read and my mom gave me The Green Mile to read. Then Different Seasons, and then The Shining. Now she wants to watch the movie with me so we can complain about how bad it is in comparison to the original together. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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