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Things I Want More of in Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted on The Broke and the Bookish.

So this week’s theme is things on my reading wish list. These sorts of topics are always tricky, because I never know if these things don’t come up, or if I just haven’t read the books. But we’ll give this a whirl anyway.

More Books about Readers

It’s always so fun to read about a character who spends their time reading. Where’s the main character that skips out on a party because the book they are reading is that good?

Books Where the Main Character is Already in a Relationship

So many books have the characters falling in love over the course of the book, and if you want anything beyond that, you have to hope there’s a second book. I want books where the main character is already in a relationship and they’re already happy with their love life.

Books Where The Main Character Goes Through a Break-Up and Doesn’t Immediately Hook Up With Another Character

Just for a change of pace. I’ve read lots of books where people break up to get with other people, but not a lot where they just go through heart break and come out stronger.

YA Books About Dinosaurs

I work with kids so I’ve learned to love dinosaurs as much as them. And now I want YA stories that involve dinosaurs.

Books Set in University That Aren’t Romance/Erotica

There are so many things that happen in university beyond sleeping with people and falling in love. It’s a great setting, and it’s not being used enough.

More Books About Musicians

And not stuff like ‘So-and-so plays guitar in his free time’. But about people who want to be musicians or already are. People who are serious about it.

Novels That Don’t Suck and Are Set In Canada

Maybe I just have bad luck when it comes to Canadian novels, but I never seem to find good books set in my own country. So I want more of these.

New Fairytales

Don’t get me wrong, I love retellings as much as the next person. But wouldn’t it be cool if people were trying to create some new fairytales too?

Books Set In Boarding Schools

This is just a guilty pleasure, to be honest.

More Stand-Alones

I always think stand-alones are better than series. Why drag a story out if you can complete it in one book? And I know it works for some stories, but as a general, more stand-alones please!

What would you like to see more of in books? Let me know in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “Things I Want More of in Books

  1. Have you read Edge of Wild by Danika Stone? It was set in Alberta, if memory serves. It was an interesting mystery and it’s written by a Canadian author, if that gives you even more incentive to read it. 😀

    I would love more books about book readers, especially ones where they remain book worms and aren’t forced to change their ways or made over into someone they’re not, like those 90’s high school movies. 😛 Blech. There was one recently that took place in a library that I totally expected to be about a book lover, but the setting was merely convenient and didn’t really mean much. I was so disappointed when I heard that, that I was glad I didn’t buy it and won’t be picking it up myself.

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  2. I agree with you on so many of these. I really want to read about university without it being a romance. I really want to read more NA books because I feel like I should relate to that age a lot more, but all the NA books I’ve found are centred around romance and it’s just not something I’m interested in reading about 😔 . I also want more books where the main character is already in a happy relationship, I get that it’s nice to see the story of how a couple gets together but I think that could be incorporated into a book while the main focus is on something else! Great list 💖

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    1. That’s my issue with NA as well. It’s also so romance centric that it doesn’t even become relatable, despite my being aged appropriate for it. And romance is boring. It would be so amazing to have characters already in relationships. It would be such a breath of fresh air.

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  3. I totally agree the university one- I would definitely love to read a story about characters at university that don’t get raunchy! The college experience can be just as much about friendship and not going going crazy with the usual university “vices.” That would be very refreshing!

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  4. It made me laugh to see that you like books about readers because I wrote a post on why I don’t like them! (it’s here in case you wanted to take a look

    Also, as for books about musicians have you read This Savage Song? One of the main characters plays the violin, and the way V.E Schwab describes his music is beautiful!

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