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Things That Make Me Instantly Want to Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted on The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is things that make you instantly want to read a book. It could be as simple as words in the synopsis or anything else that might immediately catch your attention. I tend to just choose what sounds interesting based on the synopsis, but there are some things that come up that immediately make me want to read a book.

References to Music

Anything that mentions that music may play a big role for the characters or the story. Or if the book comes with a soundtrack.

References to the Ocean

I grew up next to the ocean, and now that I live so far away, I desperately want to read anything that talks about the ocean or sea or anything like that. Even a picture on the cover can do it.

Books with Bikes on the Cover

It doesn’t even matter what it’s about. If there’s a bike on the cover, I probably want to read it.


Royalty in a Fantasy Setting

If there’s magic and royalty, I’ll at least give it a go.

When There’s A Focus on Friendship

It doesn’t matter what the context is in the book, I’m immediately intrigued when a book focuses on friendship. Especially in YA.

Faerie Tale Retelling

I’m in the process of writing a discussion post on this exact topic, coming down on the downsides of retellings. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still love them.

Books about the Circus

Maybe it’s my love for Cirque du soleil, but books about the circus always make me want to read them.


18 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Instantly Want to Read A Book

  1. Interesting what things make you want to read a certain book.

    For me, sometimes I read a book based of off someone recommending the book to me. There was one book I read and the way I choose to read it was quite interesting: at this book store the book was wrapped in brown paper and written on the paper was words describing the book and wee had to choose a book based off the words.

    I tend to be drawn towards adventure, fantasy, mysteries and classics. During semesters, I tend to try to read simpler books so I have time to actually read them and despite being a college student, I still read books from the children’s section, but find nothing wrong with that.

    When I want to own a new book, I am always overwhelmed by the amount of choices I have to pick from. In between semesters, I read a classic and attempt to finish it before school starts up again. That limited amount of time gives me motivation to continue reading the classic despite how challenging those books can be.

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    1. I’ve heard of those books that are wrapped – blind dates or something like that I think they call them here? It’s such a cool idea.
      Finding new books that are different from what you read is always daunting. There are just so many choices and it’s hard to judge what will be good.


  2. I should have put the circus on my list! Even though I’ve never been to a circus (and I never plan on going to one), I think the circuses are one of the coolest/most interesting settings for books!

    Great list!

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