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So, remember way back in the day when you’d log onto your computer, load up your disc and lose twelve hours of your life by being sucked into the Sims?

It would start out all nice and everything. You promised yourself you wouldn’t cheat this time and play it properly. That would last a whole ten minutes until your Sim was starving and you had no money. So you cheated and got them great jobs and houses and marriages and a thousand kids. And then you’d go and do something to screw them up completely before they all died in ‘accidents’.

Yeah, me too. As a kid, and a teenager. And then again when we were in university. Actually, a lot when we were in university. Probably more than we should have in university given all of our workloads.

Which is why I was super excited when Ava @ Reads, Rhythms & Ruminations tagged me in this awesome tag! This tag was originally created by Hailey in Bookland and I’m super excited to get into this!

The Original Sims
Best Author Debut

Both of these books are such amazing debuts. I tried, but I couldn’t choose between them.

The Grim Reaper
Saddest Character Death


If you’ve read this book (specifically the book. Movie is different), you know who I’m talking about. I read this ten years ago, and I’m still mad about the character we lose in this book.

Sims Getting Stuck
A Character That Just Got In The Way


This was a tricky one, but I’m going to say Aurelius from The Thirteenth Tale. He just seemed to be in the way and serve next to no purpose to the story.

A Book With Amazing Writing

To name a few.

Expansion Packs
A Series Where The Books Keep Getting Better

I loved each of these books more than the last (and I’m too lazy to get find a cover image for Scarlet…)

Sim Romance
The Worst Case of Insta-Love


There are lots of choices for this, but I will never stop hating on Romeo and Juliet. It sets the stand for insta-love and it’s awful.

A Book That Was Completely Unrealistic


I had a rather controversial choice in here to begin with, but I’m not in the mood to argue right now, so let’s go with Harry Potter. There is no way that Harry would have come out of those situations completely fine. Just his upbringing alone should have given him issues.

Needs Fulfillment
A Character Who Made All The Wrong Decisions


This series would have been much shorter and less frustrating if America had just gotten her shit together in the first place, rather than messing around for three books.

Error Code 12
A Series That Started Great and Went Downhill From There

I loved the first two books in this series, but have been less impressed with everything that has followed.

The Sims Vortex
A Book/Series That Completely Engrossed You

Again, to name a few.

I Tag…

If you’ve been looking for a tag for this one, or just thing it might be fun, consider this your tag!


9 thoughts on “The Sims Book Tag

  1. Awesome post Hillary! Thanks for the shoutout. 🙂 Harry Potter is probably one of the best author debut ever. I so agree with you on The Lunar Chronicles series and the Throne Of Glass series. Loved your answers. 😀

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