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The Fandoms I’ve Been Part Of Over The Years

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted on The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is a fandom freebie. You can do whatever you want within the fandom realm, so I’m choosing to just list the bookish fandoms I’ve been a part of over the course of my life, for one reason or another. I’ve never really bothered with television shows or games or anything like that, so the book fandoms are pretty much all I’ve got. You can see why I was a nerd in school (and proud of it, honestly).


Harry Potter fandom

This is the one fandom I’ve actually stuck with for more than a short period of my life. I was part of the Harry Potter fandom before the internet was a thing and I knew there were other people who liked the same things I did. And still kicking around in it until this day.


Goosebumps fandom

I’m not sure that this one actually counts, but in and around ’99-’03, these were the coolest books you could be reading in my school. We were all obsessed about who was reading which book and how many we each had read. It was a thing.


Twilight fandom

This is probably one of the more embarrassing fandoms I belong to, but I was 12/13 at the time, and I didn’t know better. But it was fun for the year or so it lasted. I don’t even think I stuck with it until New Moon came out, though I have read all four books.


Meg Cabot fandom

Does this one count? I’m going with it, because I spent a lot of time on the Meg Cabot Book Club forums back in the day.


The Hunger Games fandom

This was a very brief period during university when we were all addicted to these books and movies. Maybe it was just because we needed something to think about other than schoolwork, but it was fun while it lasted.

So that’s it! It’s a rather short list, because I don’t find too much that I want to get super into. What fandoms are you a part of? Let me know in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “The Fandoms I’ve Been Part Of Over The Years

  1. I keep saying this, but I’m still 100% part of the Twilight fandom. The books still give me so much joy, I re-watch the first movie a few times every year cause the way it’s shot is so damn stunning, and the soundtrack is amazing. The actors are also really lovely people. The books have some problematic aspects, but they never take away from how much I love them. x

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  2. I think we have all been apart of the Twilight fandom at some point :-/ I am ashamed to admit it…you know one time when I was walking my dogs with my husband, I accidentally called him Edward HAHAHA….sooooo embarrassing!!!! I loved Goosebumps too, you were cool if you had the whole collection! I will always be part of the Harry Potter fandom 🙂 This is an awesome list!!

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    1. At least Edward is a nice name! 😛 It’s one of those things I think we all had to go through at one point. Or that’s how I make myself feel better. It works.
      Oh, man, having the whole Goosebumps collection made you the coolest at my school. Except that everyone would want to borrow them, and never give them back (which made getting rid of them easier when I got tired of them, honestly).

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      1. I remember when I was younger being scared to watch the first movie. So I literally tied a blanket around my neck and instead of me watching it, it was the superhero version of me watching it.

        Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved fantasy and magic

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