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Ten Most Popular Songs I Use in Therapy

March is Music Therapy Month, so each Thursday, I’m posting about something to do with the field, my work, or how music can help.

Rather than spouting off a ton of research at you lovely folks that you may or may not find interesting, because, like all other highly researched fields, it can get bogged down and heavy. So I opted for something a little more fun: the ten songs I use the most in session.

Some of these are specific to where I live and work, but they are songs that span generations. I use all of these with my infant classes, all the way through to my seniors. I admit to disliking some of these songs, just because I have sung them more times than I can count, but the people I work with love them, so it’s easy to put my own feelings about them aside.

In no particular order…

1. You Are My Sunshine
This song is by far the song I sing the most. My toddlers know at least parts of the chorus, and my seniors groups ask for it without fail. Pretty good for a song written over 100 years ago.

2. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
My seniors love this song, my adults as well. Plus, I have a version I’ve adapted to make it into a great scarf song for my kids groups, who absolutely love it. It’s also great for a lullaby, or when you want to bring the energy in a room down a few notches.

3. She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain
I have not met anyone who doesn’t love this song. It’s so much fun, the little bits you can toss in between lines are a huge hit, and it’s so high energy that makes a great movement song.

4. Edelweiss
This is a gorgeous song that everyone loves. Whether they know it as a lullaby or from The Sound of Music, it’s a hit with all of my clients, regardless of age.

5. This Little Light of Mine
(This video is so weird…)
This song is super popular with my seniors and adults, and it’s a great song to practice body awareness for little kids.

6. Twist and Shout
Obviously the best shaking and moving song out there. Always a hit.

7. Four Strong Winds
So not the most popular song with the kids, though it makes a pretty good lullaby. But my adults and my seniors love this local song.

8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
This song is so much fun in general, but it’s a great one to pull out in session too. Everyone loves the oo-weeee part. I also have a gathering drum with a jungle design that is a huge hit with the kids.

9. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
I love pulling this song out with the ocean drum, and having the ocean sounds as accompaniment rather than using my guitar. It’s a great lullaby and relaxing song.

10. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
This song is so much fun to pull out, no matter what the age group is. Everyone loves singing along, kids love making trains to move around the room, and the train whistles are always a huge hit.


10 thoughts on “Ten Most Popular Songs I Use in Therapy

    1. It’s so great that music was able to help your son. Tomatis method are not music therapy from what I can tell – it’s missing key elements that make music therapy what it is – but it look like a great program. I’ll have to look more into it, as it’s new to me!

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