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Saturday Song: I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

Happy Saturday!

The inspiration for the song for this week actually came from a movie I was watching that was released around 2004. The movie itself wasn’t overly exciting, but the music was all reminiscent of that time, and I was having some killer flashbacks to my younger years. There were lots of songs to choose from, but this one won out.

I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

This was the slow dance song when I was in junior high. It was the song that came on when the evening was coming to a close, when all the couples came together and those of us who were single went scrambling to our closest friends so we wouldn’t be standing around awkwardly for a whole song.

Less than something that is uniquely composed or have some significant musical impact, this is a song that’s all nostalgia for me. My first slow dance was to this song, with a good friend at the time. I was in a play in grade nine where I got to dance with a super hot, super tall guy to this song, who spent the whole thing staring down my shirt, with my friend laughing at me from the wings. It was played at my friend’s prom, the last dance of the night, and a group of us sang this as we drove, right after getting our licenses.

Got any memories for this one? Or did you have a different slow dance song?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Song: I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

  1. Oh man, I was SO obsessed with this song back in the day. I would listen to it on repeat for HOURS. I didn’t really have any personal memories attached to it, but it was one of those songs that EVERYONE used in like fan music videos in like 2006 and I’d watch every single one of them 😂

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