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How I Read

Sometimes it’s easy to sit down a read a book. You get comfy on your favourite chair, settle in, and blast through hundreds of pages at a time. Then you get up and move on to your next task.

But if I’m being honest, that’s not usually how it works for me. Sometimes, sure. But most of the times there is a bit more to the process than that. So I thought I would lay that out for you lovely folks today.

Step One: Choose book to read.

Spend five minutes staring at bookcase, looking admiringly at all the lovely books there. Realizing I’ve been standing there way too long and still haven’t chosen a book, so pull a few down that are striking my interest. Read the synopsis of each. Return them to shelf. Repeat process a few times. Get annoyed with myself, then just choose one.

Step Two: Settle down on couch. 

Set up the pillows all nicely, grab a blanket if necessary. Get comfy. Read three pages.

Step Three: Decide that I need a snack.

Set book down and go to kitchen. Pour a drink or make coffee, grab a snack. Return to couch and read two more pages.

Step Four: Decide to read outside.

Notice that it looks lovely outside. Find deck chairs and go sit on the balcony. Read five pages.

Step Five: Decide to read inside.

Decide it’s too cold to read outside, return inside. Repeat the process to get comfy on the couch.

Step Six: Check phone.

Get distracted by Instagram/Snapchat/Wordpress/various games Spend fifteen minutes on this. Realize that I was going to read, not social media. Read two pages.

Step Seven: Decide that I need music to read.

Turn on bluetooth speaker, look for a playlist on Apple Music. Go through a few of them before going back to the classical one I always listen to while reading. Listen to two pieces before realizing that I haven’t read anything.

Step Eight: Bathroom Break

And maybe refill snacks/drinks.

Step Nine: Get a text.

Respond to text, laugh at gif that was included in text. Watch follow up video.

Step Ten: Finally sit down to read.

Read 20 pages because that’s all the time I have left.

Am I the only one to do this? What’s your reading process?


5 thoughts on “How I Read

  1. Mine is basically the same process haha. Except I don’t go outside because I don’t have a place to read outside. And darn, I get so distracted by social media that I basically cannot get any reading time at all. And when I choose a book to read, I read about 40 pages and then choose another one. I have no idea how am able to actually read a book lol

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  2. My reading process sort of depends on what book I am reading. Whenever I get a new book, I get so confused of what book to get. If I am reading a book with chapters that are 25 pages, I tend to only read one chapter a day.

    But when I am reading any of the classics meaning the ones from 1800s and before, I always have a pen with me to mark things up. It just ulitmalewy depends on the book

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