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The Best Books I’ve Read That I’ve Never Seen in the Bookish Community

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over onย The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is the best underrated books that you’ve read in the past year. I’m opting to just open it up a little, and share some of my favourite books that I have never seen around the blogging community. Not to say that no one else has read them or posted about them, just that I haven’t seen it myself.

There are so many amazing books out there that just don’t get the attention that they deserve. Maybe it’s because they’re a lesser known author or got overshadowed by another series that was super popular or were indie/self published. But whatever the reason, they just don’t seem to pop up anywhere I’m looking.

So let’s do this, shall we?


This book is amazing. Apparently a bestseller, though I haven’t heard of too many people also reading it. I’m slowly collecting all the others, and am looking forward to getting an ARC of Backman’s next release. This is such an wonderful story that mixes fantasy and real life and makes it sound like a child. Everyone should read this.


This is by far one of my favourite science fiction books. I was lucky enough to get a copy from the author for review, and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. If you’re a science fiction fan, middle grade age or not, you should definitely check this out.


I’ve never met anyone else who has read these books. I came across them in a used bookstore, and they’re such wonderful fantasy stories. For this book in particular, I love how the heroine isn’t strong, independent young lady, as is common in fantasy these days. She’s just a normal kid who has incredibly strength, but still gets beaten down at times.


These are my hardcore guilty pleasure read. They’re so addictive and wonderful, and it’s fun to see a love shape (because it is a bit more than a triangle in the case) where it doesn’t follow the generic formula we’re all used to. It a fun change, and such an addictive read.


I’ve met a few people who have read this, and every one of them has loved it. If you like creepy stories, please go get this one. You will not be disappointed.


So these books are a bit on the older side – they were newish when I was in junior high. But Francesca Lia Block is amazing, and these books are so creative and wonderfully written. They need to make a come back.

This is more of a category than specific to these two books. But short stories, guys. And I’m not talking about novellas related to your favourite series, even though those are awesome. But 10 page long stories in a collection, each about their own subject or characters. I love reading short stories, and have a fair few collections of them. I know it’s harder to review, and I tend not to as well, but I wished we all talked about short stories more often.


13 thoughts on “The Best Books I’ve Read That I’ve Never Seen in the Bookish Community

  1. I’ve never seen those books around either and I’m only familiar with Trigger Warning. I do feel that, after a while, bloggers just end up reviewing the same books and there’s not a lot of variety…
    Which is not necessarily a bad thing but posts like yours are definitely interesting to read, as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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