The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

Lia has survived Venda—but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan. And only Lia can stop it.

With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as soldier—as leader. While she struggles to reach Morrighan and warn them, she finds herself at cross-purposes with Rafe and suspicious of Kaden, who has hunted her down.

In this conclusion to the Remnant Chronicles trilogy, traitors must be rooted out, sacrifices must be made, and impossible odds must be overcome as the future of every kingdom hangs in the balance.


Song For This Book:  Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Why? Lia spends this entire book fighting for what she believes in right. The struggles mentioned in the song definitely fit for what she goes through as well.


Please note that this review will contain spoilers from the previous two books, but not for this one.

I genuinely can’t believe that I’ve finished this series.

That being said, though, this is one of the better conclusions to a triology that I’ve seen in ages. The last book can go one of two ways: either they leave way too much up in the air and you don’t feel like you even know how the book ends, or they resolve every single detail and you feel like the characters don’t exist beyond the end of the novel. This one falls perfectly in the middle. You get a lot of resolution, but you get the sense that the characters’ lives continue when you’ve turned the last page. It’s incredibly satisfying.

I had high hopes for this book, because I had enjoyed the previously books so much. And it definitely delivered. It definitely had it’s slow moments, and there were some things that turned out differently than I had hoped. But ultimately, I really enjoyed this, and I’m so excited to go back and read it over again.

The Good Points of The Beauty of Darkness:

The writing of this book is fantastic. It’s effortless to read, but beautifully put together. Pearson is great at including information that gives just enough information to make a series that talks a lot about betrayal and mystery work. It deserves a high rating just for being so well written, I think.

As mentioned about, there is the perfect amount of resolution in this book. You get enough that you’re happy, but not so much that you aren’t desperate for another book so you know what happens next. I can’t remember the last time I was this pleased with the end of a series.

I loved how the characters grew into this book. Compared to the Lia, Rafe, and Kaden we saw in The Kiss of Deception, they have grown up and changed to suit their new situations, without losing the essence of who they are. It feels really natural, and is one of my favourite things about this book.

The love triangle has toned down significantly, and it’s a lot better when we get into this book. Right off the start, you kind of know how things are going to go, and while it’s still present, it’s not so in-your-face-obnoxious. And it feels like a natural progression from the first book.

The Downsides of The Beauty of Darkness:

Lia was kind of a jerk in this book. It’s understandable given the situations and such, but it was kind of annoying. For probably a third of this book, I was wondering where the kick butt, awesome Lia was. She does come back, though so it’s not all bad.

There were some parts of this book that dragged. Never for more than a chapter or two, and there was important information in them, but it still was a bit slow.

There were some things that happened towards the end that confused the pants off of me. I won’t give away spoilers, but I’m confused by what Kaden and Pauline were doing at the end. Among a couple other things. Nothing major, just stuff I would have liked a little more clarification on.

All in all, I loved this book, and I can’t wait until it comes out in paperback so I can add it to my collection. It’s a great ending to a great series, and everyone who likes fantasy should definitely go out and pick this one up.

Have you read The Beauty of Darkness? What did you think?


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

  1. It definitely left the end open for more…didn’t it?
    I mean, Pauline and Kaden obviously were getting close there…and the end was so open. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of Morrighan in the future. Just sayin. 😉

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