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Saturday Song: Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

Happy Saturday! And happy belated first day of autumn!

Unfortunately, back to school season also means back to colds season, so I’ve been feeling off all week. Still working, because I’m not quite sick enough to justify not going, but spending most of my time at home resting and trying to get better. Which means watching a lot of youtube videos. And that’s where today’s song came from.

Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

Somehow, I got on a kick of playing songs from my junior high years. Started with My Chemical Romance, and just starting going through all the suggestion songs on the sidebar. And this one came up.

This song was crazy popular when I was in grade 8/9, and I remember it being on the radio constantly, not to mention played at every single school dance. It’s a pretty typical song of the time, back when emo and punk-like things were super popular. I remember everyone being in love with Pete Wentz also, and being very confused by the lead singer’s choice in facial hair.

So yeah. This song brings back a lot of strange memories from a strange period of my life. But nostalgia trips are always fun.

Take a listen and let me know what you think! Do you remember when this song was huge? Were you also in love with Pete Wentz?


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