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The Best TV Shows I’ve Seen To Date

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

These week’s theme is…. a tv-themed topic!

As a general, I’m not a big tv person. I tend to just watch the same few shows over and over and over, rather than looking for new things. I tend to just turn tv shows on for background noise (as I am doing right now, with Gilmore Girls playing in the background), and we don’t even have anything beyond Netflix in our apartment. So this list could be rather interesting.

But without further ado, here are some of my favourite tv shows, for your reading pleasure.


I’ve been watching this how since it was airing in about 2003. Granted, I had no idea what was going on with a lot of it at the time, but I’m still watching now, and finding new things about it to love.


I was introduced to this show while at university, and I got caught up on all the seasons while procrastinating from schoolwork. I’ve been watching it since. I’m not sure I’ll stick with it in the new season, though, because now that Morgan and Hotch are gone, I’m not sure how good it’ll be anymore.


Okay, to be honest, I’m still not fully caught up on the most recent season. But this show is so good! Mansley is an incredible actor, and I regularly forget that it’s the same person playing all these different people.


Like everyone, I got caught up in this when it first started on Netflix, and I can’t wait to see how the series continued. There are so many great things about this show, and I love all of the kids they found for it.


I’ll preface this one by saying that I’m only referring to the episodes with Michael J. Fox, because it all goes downhill once he’s gone. But this is a fun little show, with lots of great lines and fun characters. On the downside, the show is done, and it’s all reruns now.


Another show that I’m still not entirely caught up on. But also working on it. While it has its moments, this is a fun sitcom and is easy and enjoyable to watch.


Another show that’s long since off the air, but great for the first 5 or so seasons. The later stuff just got weird, so I haven’t watched most of that. But it’s great for the retail jokes and innuendo, and the characters are wonderful.


QI is brilliant. It’s a game show where there are tonnes of trivia facts, but they definitely don’t make it boring. They get some great people on there that regularly make me think that I don’t know a lot of trivia.



17 thoughts on “The Best TV Shows I’ve Seen To Date

  1. You know what’s the best thing about Gilmore Girl? As time goes by, you understand more and more references. It’s amazing! I watched it when I was a kid and didn’t get most of them. I rewatched it this year and I got a bunch and they are so witty and funny. There are many many more that I don’t know, so it’s something to look forward in each rewatching session!

    Here’s my TTT if you want to check it out. Clearly Gilmore Girls is my first show there too haha: https://chapteradventures.wordpress.com/2016/09/06/top-ten-tuesday-favorite-tv-shows

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  2. I just finished watching Stranger Things and absolutely loved it.Now watching The Night Of,so far,so good.I like Criminal Minds and have watched every single episode.I am not sure how it will go without Derek and Hotch 😦 I also like Big Bang,Bazinga and Gilmore.Great post!

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