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Best Books I Read in School

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over on The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s theme is a back to school freebee, so I opted to keep it simple and just make a list of the best books I read while in school and in university. For some reason, my schools tended to choose non-classic books. We didn’t read a lot of Shakespeare, one year revolved entirely about African heritage books (many of which were great, actually, but a strange choice in a class of kids who were all of Scottish or Irish descent), or we were allowed to read whatever we want. There was also a lot of sci-fi, for reasons we never understood. So you probably won’t find too many of your usual English class books on this list.

But without further ado, let’s get at ‘er!


This one probably is the most common on a list of school books. It was a ninth grade study, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s a wonderful story and it still graces my shelf to this day.


I was introduced to this book in first grade, and I think it’s great. It a fun little story, and I use it when I am working with young kids regularly.


I love love love this book. It was part of my grade 11 English curriculum, and though you definitely don’t need two months to study it, it was one of the best books I read in school. I actually need to read this again soon I think.


We read this book in late elementary school, and I’m 98% sure that this book started my interest in World War 2 literature. It’s a great depiction of the war for children, and a lovely story.


I read this in my university English class, and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a great story, and one of my favourite post-apocalyptic books. I still haven’t watched the movie, but I will someday.


My grade nine English teacher assigned us this book to read, which was about the only good thing she did for us all year. It is such a good book, and I’m so glad that we had to read it in school, because I probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise.


This book came out of the year of African heritage literature, and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s a wonderful book, and I’m looking forward to picking this one up again soon.


I love all of Poe’s work, but the Raven, along with the Telltale Heart, are by far my favourites. I had to read this in high school, and it had me looking into everything Poe for quite some time after.


18 thoughts on “Best Books I Read in School

  1. Lois Lowry is great: Number the Stars and The Giver were such great books.
    You should finish the Giver series: she’s written follow-up books, and now it’s a four book series.
    Good choices….I remember most of what you posted!

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