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The Light Between Oceans Read-Along: Ch. 31 to End

I finally finished this book!

I know, I know, I was supposed to wait and read the end of it this coming week, but there were only 30ish pages and a few chapters, and I couldn’t just leave it. We’d basically figured out what was going to happen, and I didn’t see the point of leaving a couple of wrap up chapters for a whole week. So I just finished it.

I’m kind of relieved to have this book finished, just because I’m not used to reading a book over such a long period. If it takes me more than a week to finish a book, I usually get really frustrated with it. While this was better, because it was on a schedule and I’m all for schedules, I am glad to be finished.

But let’s get to it, shall we?


Chapter 31

Lucy is still not happy at Hannah’s. Gwen sees Isabel sitting near the park, and decides to take Lucy to see her, which pleases them both. Gwen tells Lucy to keep it a secret, but Lucy plays the whole thing out with her dolls, and Hannah sees. Hannah is understandably mad at her sister. Tom writes a letter to Isabel from the police station, and the police try to convince him to give up Isabel

I can totally see where Gwen was coming from in her ideas. It’s so hard to watch children suffer, and I can’t imagine being in the middle of the whole thing. I also understand Hannah’s perspective, because she’s been repeatedly told that she needs to keep Lucy away from Isabel. It was a really interesting dynamic and something we haven’t seen as much of in this book. Made for a nice change.

Chapter 32

Hannah goes to the police station to talk to Tom.  Lucy goes missing, and they immediately approach Isabel regarding whether she’d seen the child.

When Lucy went missing, I thought that this story was going to take a heartbreaker ending and that Lucy was going to die of exposure or something like that. And I was so excited. Not because I’m heartless and like seeing kids get hurt, but because those endings are always the best. The ones that take what you’ve been rooting for since the beginning of the book, and just tear you apart.

Chapter 33

Lucy goes looking for her home, but gets lost making her way to the sea. The police find her asleep on the beach. Everyone is relieved.

Obviously, Lucy was fine. I was disappointed because that would have been the best plot twist ending. A missed opportunity, I think.

Chapter 34

Isabel goes to talk to Ralph about everything that happened, because she needs to get it off her chest.  Isabel goes to the police station, but runs into Hannah on the way. Hannah says that if she says that it was Tom’s fault, she’d let Lucy come and live with her. Isabel says it was Tom. Isabel goes home and finally reads Tom’s letter.

This chapter really shows the desperation Hannah was feeling with Lucy and how to make everything work. Can you imagine offering to give up your children, just for the sole purpose of making them happy? Even if it was the best thing to do, that would be so impossibly difficult. But after struggling with Lucy all this time, I can only imagine just how desperate Hannah must be to make her daughter happy again.

Chapter 35

Isabel goes to the police stations and tell them the truth about what happened. Tom and Isabel are reunited in prison. Lucy is spending time with her grandfather, and insists that she is not Grace. Her grandfather decides to compromise, and starts calling her Lucy-Grace. Lucy-Grace is more accepting when she is returned to Hannah.

It’s about bloody time that Isabel owns up to her mistakes. She deserves everything that is coming for her.

I loved seeing that Lucy was starting to come around to her new family, and that she was finding ways to make her old life and her new one come together. I thought the name thing was a really slick idea. Good on Septimus for that one.

Chapter 36

After being released from a 3 month sentence, Tom runs into Hannah, who still hasn’t forgive them, but has chosen to move on. Tom is living in Albany so as to be closer to Isabel, who is in a nursing home. 

I didn’t quite catch why Isabel was in the nursing home. I know she has cancer later, but maybe I missed something?

Chapter 37

In 1950, Isabel has died of cancer, with Tom at her side. They’ve come to terms with everything, though they still miss Lucy. After the funeral, a young lady shows up looking for the Sherbournes. It turns out to be Lucy-Grace. Isabel had left some things for Lucy, if she ever showed, but Lucy opts to leave them so she has a reason to return. 

I thought it was really sweet that Lucy came back to see Tom. Even though that is such a cliche in these sorts of books. Every book that I’ve read where a kid is taken away from someone, or given up for adoption, or something along those lines, has this ending. But it was sweet, so we’ll let it go and not judge too harshly.

So that’s it, folk! We’re done. It’s been fun.

Keep an eye out for my review (the spoiler free version) coming up soon, though if you’ve been reading this, you know most of my thoughts on this already.


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