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The Light Between Oceans Read-Along: Chapters 25-30

The Light Between Oceans Read-Along is being hosted on Goodreads by Simon & Schuster Canada. You can find that group here.

We’re getting close to the end of this book! Only a couple of weeks left to go. Not that the drama has been easing up at all. You can find my previous posts about this read-along here:

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Chapter 26

Hannah’s father is very suspicious of Tom. Lucy is having a hard time adjusting to the changes in her life, and Hannah is struggling to connect with her. Isabel continues to refuse to comment on the whole thing.

It’s hard to read about Lucy as she struggles to cope with the changes. She had no say in any of it, and she’s been taken away from the only life she ever knew. It’s also hard to watch Hannah struggle to get to know her daughter again. But at least she has gotten some closure over the whole thing.

Chapter 27

Isabel struggles with her life without Lucy. Ralph tries to convince Tom to tell the truth, but Tom doesn’t listen. Tom gets questioned about whether or not the man in the boat was really dead. Hannah takes Lucy to a doctor, in hopes to finding a way to connect with the child, and bring her back to being happy.

I didn’t even think when I started this book that the body of the man in the boat would come into play. For some reason, I thought the entire focus would be on the child. But it totally makes sense now that Tom’s being asked repeatedly about the whole thing. I do hope that they find that he’s innocent of that. With the kidnapping, at least he was truly guilty. But he never killed the man, and shouldn’t be punished for it.

Chapter 28

Bluey goes to visit Tom, and Tom is clearly upset with him. But he gives Bluey a message to give to Isabel, who ends up sick upon hearing it. Lucy continues to struggle at Hannah’s, and everyone else struggles with the loss of her. Hannah finds Lucy using dolls to pretend about her old life, and stops her a couple of times, going so far as to make a ‘Grace’ doll for her.

I do not feel one bit bad for Isabel through this whole thing. She deserves to suffer for what she did, for kidnapping Lucy. I think it’s terrible that she’s letting Tom take the fall for the choices she made. They both should be punished, because even though his guilt, Tom played his part, but Isabel should definitely take the harder fall.

Chapter 29

Ralph tries to get Tom to admit that Isabel played a role in Lucy’s abduction, but he resists. Hannah tries to coax Lucy by getting her a kitten to play with. Hannah’s father takes Lucy to some of their land, where there are horses and a forest, and tells her that the forest will be hers someday. This is the most positive we have seen Lucy since she was taken from Isabel, and they see it as a good sign.

I am liking Ralph more and more as this book goes on. He seems like one of the few who has his head on the right way.

It was also good to see Lucy starting to adjust a bit to the whole thing. It’s a lousy situation for her, so it’s good that she’s starting to get a little more settled and calming down about the whole thing. It will probably haunt her for the rest of her life, unfortunately, but at least she’s coming to some sense of peace with it.

Chapter 30

Isabel goes into town with her mother, and runs into Lucy and Hannah. It’s a hard moment for everyone involved. The police try to use Tom’s military history to get him to admit about killing Frank.

The reunion was hard to get though, even with how much I hate Isabel and want her to suffer for what she did. It wouldn’t surprise me if this caused Lucy a set back and she stopped progressing for a while. I can’t even imagine how hard that would be for a kid.

So that’s it for this week! We’re almost done, almost know where this whole fiasco will end up! Keep an eye out next Friday for the next five chapters of the book!


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