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Book Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over on The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s topic was REWIND – go back and do an old theme. I scanned their list quickly, and this was the first one that popped out at me, so I went with it.

As much as I think that book blogging is awesome and fun, there are a lot of thoughts and concerns that don’t always make it to the blog itself. Things that get noted down in my bullet journal or thoughts that swirl around in my head when I have a review scheduled for an hour from now and I haven’t written it yet. So this seemed like a great time to get this down and out in the open.

With one possible exception (a real life friend on Goodreads can see the link, but hasn’t mentioned it yet), I haven’t told anyone in my real life about this blog. 
They know I write reviews, but not that I have my own page for it. I don’t know why. It’s just something I like to have for myself. They’ll find out someday.

I sometimes worry that I don’t fit into a particular niche/genre/etc., because my tastes in books can vary so much.
I read YA, mysteries, fantasy, general adult fiction, children’s lit, whatever else catches my attention. And since there are so many bloggers and booktubers and bookstagrammers that have their niche, I wonder if my varied tastes might affect whether or not people will read my stuff.

I just received my first ARCs, and the idea of reading on a deadline worries me a little. 
I rarely make TBRs, because I never stick to them. I just pick up whatever is catching my attention for the moment, or what I’m in the mood for. Having to read and write a review on a deadline is a new thing for me, and I’m worried I will struggle with the books because I am not in the mood for them at the time.

I don’t read, like, and comment on the blog’s I follow nearly as much as I want to, and I sometimes feel guilty about it. 
It comes down to a time thing, because my real life work can often vary from a couple of hours a day, to full 12 hour days. But I feel bad, because you all write so well, and I love reading your stuff.

With the exception of Saturday Song posts, all of my blog posts are written on the weekend and scheduled. 
I just don’t have time during the week, and if I do, I rarely have the motivation to do it. I do most of my reading through the week though, because I can read in my car between sessions, and no one is around to interrupt me.

I do not believe in over-analyzing books, and you won’t find much of that here.
When I was in university, I had to take a couple of English courses, and in one, we were reading Jane Eyre. My prof went on for nearly an hour about the symbolism of the fireplace that Jane’s teacher brought her to early in the book. When he asked for discussion, I asked how the lack of central heating in the 1800s in the middle of winter fit within the symbolism of the fireplace.

I don’t re-read books as much now that I’m blogging.
I love re-reading books. That’s why I buy my own copies (or second sets, in Harry Potter’s case). But now that I’m writing reviews and blogging, I find it harder to justify re-reading a book I’ve already reviewed.

I have seriously considered sharing some of the songs I’ve written on here, since I draw a lot of inspiration from books, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it yet.
In real life and on here, I have little issue talking about anything and everything. But sharing my original songs and my performance of them scares the you-know-what out of me.

I have absolutely no problem DNF-ing a book. 
Life’s too short for lousy books.

My book blog will never, ever be my #1 priority.
Actually, if things were to get crazy in my life right now, it would be the first thing to go. My work, family, and friends come first. That being said, this blog is a part of my self-care plan, so it would have to get very crazy for it to get the boot from my life.

17 thoughts on “Book Blogging Confessions

  1. This post has made me feel so much better about my own blogging. I feel so similar about nearly everything you described. It is so refreshing to hear someone put things into perspective. Thanks for your honesty and candor!

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  2. Your list is really validating. I really relate to deadline pressures and not getting to re-read books as much as I like anymore. I also don’t stick to a niche, and sometimes I stress I’ll never attract more readers because few people seem to share my higgledy-piggledy taste. My mum complains, “one week you’re writing about dictatorship in Romania, and the next erotic memoirs” 😛

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  3. I’m not super “open” in my life about my blog as well. Only some people know – my boyfriend, maybe like four of my best friends… but that’s it! I’m not sure why as well, but truth be told, I’m actually really private on my personal social media and share more with my blogger friends. I suspect it’s because of the anonymity concept, but even that’s debatable. 😛

    And re: niche – I actually read quite a bit of non-fiction and adult fiction as well, but I generally just don’t include them on my blog mostly because of that ‘niche’ as well. I do think it’s easier to get a wider audience if you have a specific niche, but “books” itself is kind of a niche, if you think about it.

    And life IS too short for lousy books. Thanks for sharing this list with us, Hilary!

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    1. The whole anonymity is definitely nice.
      I always figure that I started my blog for myself so I should include what I want, as hard as that can be sometimes. But it’s worked well so far, and it’s continuing to grow so maybe I just need to get over myself.


  4. I agree with the “fireplace symbolism?” Umm…it was cold? Duh!
    I didn’t know you scheduled your posts…clever! I’m going to do that with the reviews that can’t be posted until 30 days before the book comes out (cough, cough The Bone Witch, cough, cough)…smart girl. I am busy too, and I feel guilty about not being able to participate in daily posts, like the top ten today. I feel your pain. 🤕

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