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The Light Between Oceans Read-Along: Chapters 21-25

We’re getting to the second half of this book! Finally!

The read-along of this book is being hosted on Goodreads by Simon and Schuster Canada. You can find that read-along and all the conversations here.

Just so you’re warned, there will probably be a whole lot of ranting about Isabel in this post. She is driving me up the wall. So yeah, you’re warned.


Chapter 21

Tom, Isabel, and Lucy go to Port Partageuse for a celebration of the lighthouse. Tom meets Hannah there and realizes that she was the lady he saved from the sailor on the boat, back in the day. Everything is very awkward.

I have no idea how Tom and Isabel thought they were going to avoid Hannah when they live so close, and stay in the same town when they’re on shore. They’re getting a little too comfortable on their island, I think. It was interesting that Hannah and Tom had met previously, adds another dynamic to the whole story. Isabel is not going to be happy about this.

Chapter 22

Isabel is not happy about Tom knowing Hannah from before he moved to Janus. They send Lucy out to play with the cat while they bicker about it. Lucy goes missing, but is soon found playing with some scorpions. Things are super awkward between Isabel and Tom.

What did they think was going to happen when they sent their child out to play in a place bigger than the island she’s spent most of her life on? Really, though. A cat is not a guardian. I did like the part with the scorpions, though. I thought that was cute.

Chapter 23

Hannah’s father ups the reward for news of his granddaughter. Hannah hears her mailbox in the middle of the night, and finds a package containing her daughter’s rattle, and a note matching the handwriting from the last note. Bluey’s mother finds out that Bluey recognizes the rattle from Tom and Isabel’s place, and tries to convince him to turn them in for the money.

If they were smart, no one would have left any notes or anything for Hannah. Really, though, you don’t leave clues when you want to keep your kidnapped child. I’m starting to think that Isabel and Tom aren’t the brightest of the bunch. Presumably, the rattle was left by Isabel, since she wrote the last note, but who even knows anymore. They’ve both dug themselves a nice hole to lie in.

Good on Bluey for thinking of turning them in. Finally, someone is trying to make things right, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

Chapter 24

Tom and Isabel have been back on the island for a week when the boat returns with police aboard. They question the pair separately, while Isabel tells herself that this is all Tom’s fault. Tom admits to sending the rattle, they fight. There’s a storm, so police keep them separated until they can get to shore. 

This chapter had me super confused. I had thought that Isabel sent the first letter to Hannah. But it was mentioned in the previous chapter that the handwriting matched the first, and now Tom is admitting to it. I feel like I missed something somewhere.

I get a kick out of the fact that Isabel believes that this is all Tom’s fault. Maybe it’s his fault you got caught, for wanting to do the right thing. But you KIDNAPPED A CHILD. And that wasn’t Tom’s idea. That was Isabel. So if anyone is at fault here, it’s Isabel for wanting to be a kidnapper in the first place.

If Isabel was a real person and I saw her, I swear I would smack her for being so stupid.

Chapter 25

Tom is taken to a cell, Lucy is confused. The doctor’s want to examine Lucy, but Isabel is hesitant to be separated. The police opt not to throw Isabel in jail until they know she was involved, because of of the social effects it could have. The doctor returns with Lucy, only for her to be taken away to her real mother. Isabel’s parents are called to take her home.

I know Tom told them that it was all him, but he really should have thrown Isabel under the bus. It was more her fault than his. She’s the manipulative one, he’s just spineless. The only person I feel bad for in this whole thing is Lucy. She’s too young to understand what’s happening and why she’s being taken away from the people she loves. This is going to be a hard transition for both her and Hannah.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week for more ranting on how much Isabel drives me up the wall!


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