The Light Between Oceans Read-Along: Chapters 16-20

Welcome back to another week of The Light Between Oceans Read Along!

If you’ve missed  my previous posts about this, and for some reason decided to click anyway, the link to the read along can be found here. It’s hosted on Goodreads by Simon and Schuster Canada.


Chapter Sixteen

Tom and Isabel go back to Janus, and argue about what they should do with the new information about their child. We visit Hannah, who is Lucy’s real mother, and find out that someone has left her a letter saying her child is safe. We also get some history on Hannah’s father.

It was interesting to learn about Hannah and her father, though most of the information in this chapter seemed unnecessary to the story. At least, with the chapter I stopped at this week. Why do we need all these details about Hannah’s father? Are they going to be important later? I might be in trouble if so, because I’ve forgotten most of them already.

Chapter Seventeen

This chapter tells Hannah and Frank’s love story. We find out how they met, how her father disapproved of him because of his heritage, and that they had baptized their baby. We find out that Frank and Lucy ended up in the boat because they were escaping some drunks intent on hurting Frank. 

Favourite quote: ‘History is that which is agreed upon by mutual consent’.

I absolutely adore that quote. I couldn’t resist including it.

I like Hannah and Frank a whole lot better than Isabel and Tom at this point. I am totally Team Hannah right now. I’m curious as to what the significance of having the baby baptized twice is, because I feel like that wouldn’t have been included if it wasn’t. Maybe Satan will come down and smite them or something like that. I hope Hannah gets her child back.

Chapter Eighteen

Back on the island, things are going normally. Isabel comments to Lucy about the importance of telling the truth, and Tom gets all funny about it. Lucy, with help of her mother, gets Tom a star atlas for his birthday.

Tom feels guilty, Isabel is manipulative. It’s getting old. Something new please?

Chapter Nineteen

Bluey and Ralph show up with supplies, and Bluey inquires what it is like to be a husband and a father. Tom’s not very helpful. Lucy burns her hand on a hot pot.

It was really interesting to hear more about what is going on in Bluey’s life. I rather like his character, and I’m curious to see where he ends up in all of this. He seems to important to just be some random side character.

Chapter Twenty

Tom gets a letter from his father, with a locket that had been left for him by his mother. His father has passed away, and Tom struggles with his grief. Lucy tries to sit on her biological father’s grave, and Tom snaps at her, leading it to be a thing that comes up with Isabel later. Tom continues to have guilt issues. Tom still wants to tell Hannah her daughter is with them, Isabel still doesn’t want to. There’s potential for the family to move to another lighthouse, far away from Portageuse, and Tom is eager to get the position.

Am I allowed to smack Isabel? Because I really really want to. I liked Tom in the beginning of this, and she keeps trying to ruin him with her manipulative, ignorant ways. Now he’s just spineless, and isn’t doing anything. I think he should ignore Isabel and tell someone that the child isn’t theirs. He’s a big boy, he can think for himself. He probably won’t though, because he loves her. The trouble is, she’s going to drag him down with her, and he’ll have no one to blame but himself for not standing up against her sooner.

If you’ve missed it, I’m not a fan of Isabel at this point, and growing less so of Tom. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this gets better in future chapters. So tune in next week for Hilary’s continued rant on why Tom needs to leave Isabel and do what’s right.


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