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Ten Bookish Facts About Yours Truly

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish.

This week’s topic is ten facts about yourself, and you’re welcome to take that however you want. I’ve opted to go with bookish facts, what with this being a book blog, and because I enjoy talking about bookish things.

1. The first book I ever read in full was an Arthur Christmas book. 
I read it aloud to my grandmother, and it took me 32 minutes to get through the whole thing. I was about 5 at the time.

2. Incase you’ve missed this (if you’ve followed my other posts), Harry Potter was, is, and will forever be my favourite series. 
I’ve always been a reader, so I can’t say that this series got me into reading, but it definitely shaped my entire childhood. I am so excited for the new book (play, I know, but it’s coming in book form) and movie this year!

3. If you loan me a book, I feel obligated to read it.
A friend of mine likes to randomly hand me books to borrow, whether I’ve expressed interest in them or not. Even if I think they look terrible, I will read them. I’m gaining more faith in him, though, because they’ve all been good so far.

4. I’m far more likely to hit a book slump because of a disappointing book than because of a good one. 
If I finish a good book, I want to immediately read another one. But a bad book makes me wonder if the next book I pick up will be disappointing as well, so I tend to put it off.

5. Reading books the are about/take place near the ocean will make me homesick more than anything else.
My hometown is on the Atlantic Ocean, but I’ve lived in the prairies for a couple of years now. While I’d never move back home permanently, not living near the ocean lives a void in my life, and books are great for ripping that open and make me consider booking a plane ticket home.

6. I have absolutely no desire to write a book of my own. 
I did at one point, when I was younger, but not so much now. I do forum-based RPG and write songs to take care of any writing cravings I have.

7. I have a contract to run a program at my city library.
It’s a music program, not a book program, but it still makes my soul happy to be working with the library. I lived at the library as a kid, and being able to run a program there makes it feel like I’m giving back a bit.

8. I have no problem with not finishing books.
Life is too short for lousy books. I’d rather not waste my time.

9. I do not like prefaces/prologues or epilogues.
I’m going to do a full discussion on this sometime in the near future, but it basically comes down to the idea that if your story is good enough, you shouldn’t need it.

10. I’m a big believer in used/second hand books. 
Maybe they ended up in the used bookstore because someone didn’t like them, and now they can find new life on my shelf. Or maybe they were once loved, but the owner couldn’t keep them, and they need a new person to love them. Plus, the price is great, and it makes the recycler in me feel happy.

So there you go! Ten bookish things about me that you might not have known before. Let me know some of your bookish facts, or link your TTT below!


8 thoughts on “Ten Bookish Facts About Yours Truly

  1. I agree with you on prologues. I will close a book when I see one. I’ve only continued reading very few books that had them. I feel like it’s such a lazy way to tell a story. I also have no problem not finishing a book. I think I DNF about 10 books in the past four months.

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    1. I just skip them most of the times. Or just complain about them if I can’t. Epilogues drive me crazy though – all of them, but especially the one in Harry Potter. As for DNF-ing – I don’t see why people continue with a book they’re not enjoying. It’s a waste of time.

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      1. I’m the same way. Sometimes I like an epilogue. But for the most part, I like to see the entire book wrapped up without the use of a prologue or epilogue. I agree. I DNF any book that’s not working within the first 50 pages or less. I’m not very patient.

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