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What To Do While Waiting for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I can’t be the only one who is beyond excited for the new Harry Potter book coming out the end of July.

We haven’t had a new Harry Potter book since 2007. And while part of me is glad that it didn’t get drawn out, simply because it was so popular, I’ve been dying for a new book since then. I’m just not ready to let go of this universe yet.

I started reading Harry Potter in 1998 (I received the first book for my 7th birthday that year), so the books and movies were a huge part of growing up for me. My entire childhood and possibly my entire reading life was impacted by this series, getting me through my worst days, and inspiring me on the better ones. So, like many of my generation, I also haven’t really let it go. At all. Ever.

Because I’m rather impatient, I’ve been looking for ways to bide my time until I finally have the book in my hands. And I’ve decided to share my list with you, so you can suffer the wait along with me.

1. Re-Read All The Books. Again. 
Of course, you could prep yourself by re-reading all seven of the previous books. Bonus points if you also read Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and the other little books.

2. Re-Read All the Books In Another Language.
Having read Harry Potter more times than I can count, re-reading the books in English can be a little repetitive, because I know them so well. But I still want to read them. The solution? Read them in French (or non-first language of your choice).

3. Watch All the Movies Again.
Not wanting to take the time to read all of the books because you have a massive pile of books you still haven’t read once? This might be a better option for you. Bonus points of you watch all the additional content that comes with the discs.

4. Read some Harry Potter fanfiction.
Harry Potter fanfiction used to be my jam. It’s all the Harry Potter you could want, every possible pairing, every minute detail blown to epic proportions, all in one place. I haven’t been involved with fanfiction in years, but I still go and check out stories now and then. My favourite site will always be Sink Into Your Eyes, but there are tonnes of other sites out there.

5. Write some Harry Potter fanfiction.
See above.

6. Do some roleplaying. 
If I’m not working on this little blog of mine or reading, I’m roleplaying in the Harry Potter universe. It is so incredibly addictive. I found my way to it through fanfiction, and I’ve never left. I’ve been a part of a fair few sites, but Harry Potter Haven is where I call home (I’ve been on there for 4 years now). I highly recommend you check it out, and be sure to let me know if you choose to join so I can make my characters play with yours!

7. Listen to Wizard Rock. 
Remember when Harry Potter was so popular that it inspired music? And actual original songs, not just parodies? I had quite a bit of it on my iPod back in the day (maybe still a little now). Look At Me by RiddleTM remains my favourite today, and is about Lily and Snape’s relationship.

8. Hunt for spoilers. 
I know, we’re not supposed to. But since when has that stopped any of us when we’re really curious?

9. Try out Harry Potter recipes. 
There are a thousand and one recipes for various treats from Harry Potter online, just waiting for you to try out. I’ve had some success with them in the past, but never with butterbeer. If you find a good butterbeer recipe, please send it my way.

10. Prepare yourself for the fact that we’re getting a new book and a new movie in the same year, and you’re probably going to end up obsessed. Again.
That’s what I’ll be doing.


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