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Saturday Song: La Vie Boheme from Rent

Happy Saturday!

Can you believe it’s the 18th of June already? How did that happen without my noticing it?  Oh well, just means that it’s time for another Saturday song!

La Vie Boheme from Rent

Since I dabbled into Hamilton a little (see last week’s Saturday Song), I’ve been getting back into listening to some of my favourite Broadway shows. And of course, you can’t get into Broadway without at least listening to a little bit of Rent. It’s such a good show, with an amazing soundtrack and a fantastic cast.

For this particular song, it starts out with the characters making fun of another, who commented on the fact that ‘Bohemia is dead’. And it just goes from there. The link I included is just one part of the song. It is followed by a sweet, romantic interlude between Roger and Mimi, and then returns to the theme of La Vie Boheme following that.

Have a listen, and let me know what you think in the comments below! Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday!


8 thoughts on “Saturday Song: La Vie Boheme from Rent

  1. I love Rent as well. My favorite song from that musical is “Seasons of Love”. I love the message of it as “No Day But Today”. I am glad I fell in love with this musicals, but still have hopes to see the musical live. The only time I have gotten close was from the dvd of the last Broadway performance

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  2. Honestly one of my favorite musicals to date. I havent seen it on broadway sadly but I love that you used that song. The movie was great and now I want to watch it again!

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      1. I think it depends on when you fell in love with it. I still haven’t seen it live either. I fell in love with it four years after it closed on Broadway. When Rent first came out to the time it closed on Broadway, I wasn’t even old enough to see it. But now the show is coming to Charlotte next year and it might finally be my chance to see it live

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  3. I finally watched the whole movie of Rent this week and I’ve been listening to the music a lot too! I’m going to catch the 20th anniversary tour and I’m so excited. The thing I noticed about this song in my many YouTube searches was that it differs from the original in some of the lyrics and seems longer…at least, that was my impression. You can see the original cast perform it at the Tony Awards in 1996 on YouTube. I’m actually surprised they got away with a song that risqué on TV!

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