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Saturday Song: Stop by Spice Girls

Happy Saturday!

I almost completely forgot to post this one, because I’ve been busy all day with a crazy Amazing Race-like challenge in my area. But I wanted to keep to my schedule and get this up, so here we go!

Stop by Spice Girls

I’ve been on a 90s/early 2000s kick lately, listening to a lot of music from when I was a kid. And Spice Girls definitely top that list. I remember doing choreographed dances in school talent shows to this song, and it playing at every single birthday party I went to through early elementary school. I still remember the choreography for this particular song.

The funny thing about listening to this and other songs from that point in time was now I realize how much more dirty they are than I knew when I was a kid.

Why don’t we have groups like this anymore? Where are our fantastic girl power groups that are sweeping the nation? While I don’t think anyone could quite live up to the legacy the Spice Girls left, I do miss that sort of music.

So have a listen, have a little flashback, and hope you enjoy!

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