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What I Do Online When Not Looking At Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish.

This week’s topic is Non-Bookish Websites. I found this one particularly tricky, because I try to limit the amount of time I spend staring at my computer and because I mostly just look at books and book related things. But I did manage to come up with a few, so here goes nothing!

  1. Harry Potter Haven RPG
    I suppose this could be considered a book related site, because it’s Harry Potter related, but I’m going to include it here anyway. It honestly seems so far from the books that I forget it’s supposed to be related to the series. I half live on this site. It’s horribly addicting, and the people are wonderful.
  2. The Official Bullet Journal Website
    Bullet journalling has been a life saver for me, because no other planner system has ever really worked for all areas of my life. While I may not look at this every day, I do check in now and then when I need some inspiration or ideas for how to get my bullet journal together.
  3. Duolingo
    I love learning languages. I know French well enough to read and function, I’m learning sign language, and hope to start learning German and Spanish in the near future. This site is great for making learning fun and addictive.
  4. Ultimate Guitar Tabs
    I learn 98% of songs for work or for my own amusement from this site. It’s great for ukulele and general chording on piano as well.
  5. 8Tracks
    I used to use Songza all the time for playlists, but they’ve ruined that by combining with Google Play, so I’ve been using 8Tracks. The playlists are all made by people who use the site, and I’ve found tonnes of great music there, for any mood or activity.

What sites are your favourite non-bookish sites to spend time on? I’m always looking for more distractions.

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