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Why I Didn’t Read Today: A List of Possible Reasons

This post may be the reason that I don’t post when exhausted in future. But we’ll see what this looks like tomorrow when I’ve had more sleep and less coffee.

The following is a list of reasons that I may have ended up not reading on a given day. Some are today, and some are reasons that have come up in the past. But all of them generally end up with me getting absolutely nowhere in my current read. Many of them can probably be applied many other things as well, including blogging, instagram-ing, improving my piano skills, practicing flute, and so on.

1. I was really tired, and didn’t have the attention span to focus for more than a page at a time.

2. People kept interrupting me, so I just gave up.

3. I spent so much time rearranging my books and taking photos of them that I didn’t have any time left to actually read them.

4. I had to do a ton of reading for work, and I was sick of words by the end of it.

5. I got sucked into Netflix and couldn’t find my way out.

6. It was perfect bike riding weather, and I couldn’t bring myself to sit still with a book.

7. I was tricked into social activities with vague promises of food.

8. I took too long choosing my next book to read that I ran out of time to actually read it.

9. I wanted to nap more.

10. Adulting got in the way of reading.

11. I had way too much paperwork and accounting to do once I got home from work, and it ate up all my reading time.

12. I found a new song, artist, or album that I loved, and I had to go learn how to play it on guitar/piano/voice/whatever it used.

13. There was a dog outside, and I had to go make friends with it.

14. I accidentally loaded the Sims on my computer, and ended up playing for 8 hours.

15. I forgot my book in my car, and I was too lazy to go outside to get it.


9 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Read Today: A List of Possible Reasons

  1. Hahaha, this is a great post! I can relate to each and every one of your reasons! The one that happens to me most often is people interrupting me… It’s hard to get fully immersed in a book when people keep making me take 10-second breaks every 5 minutes to respond to them. I also LOVED playing the Sims a few years ago – the only reason why I stopped was because it was too addicting, and I was actually doing nothing else but playing Sims. Haha, I love this list ❀

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