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Top 10 Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted over on The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s list revolves around the guilty pleasures that readers enjoy and the book lovers version of the little things in love. I absolutely love the idea of this list, and I can’t wait to see what everyone includes on theirs.

Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Bookworm Delights!

1. Finding books in the mail.
There are few things better than opening up your mail box and finding a package that you know is filled with books. It doesn’t matter if they were ones I won from a giveaway, ones I bought or even just books my parents sent me from my boxes at home. It always makes my day better.

2. Finding a new favourite book.
I always go into books expecting to enjoy them, but I rarely ever expect them to be the next great thing. So it’s always a fantastic surprise when it does happen.

3. The way bookstores always seem peaceful.
There’s something about bookstores that make people quiet down and relax a bit. You never really see people rushing around or talking loudly in bookstores. It’s a great place to wind down.

4. Cover buys that turn out fantastic.
What’s better than when a book has a great cover and a great story?

5. Reading on rainy days.
It’s sunny more often that not where I live now, and it’s rare to actually have a full, rainy day. So I appreciate every rainy day that comes along now for reading purposes.

6. When books reference music.
It doesn’t even have to be music I like, but if an author names a song in relation to the story, I will 100% go look up that song and have a listen.

7. Finding people who love the same books as you, and who you can swap books with.
Having someone who loves the same books as you, and who will add to your collection and willing read yours makes everything better.

8. Becoming addicted to your current read.
Does anyone else get this? Where you start a book and you can’t set it down, but real life gets in the way of your reading. So you find any spare minute through the day to sneak in a few pages, just to get your fix.

9. Reading with children.
Nobody loves anything as much as children love things. Even something simple like reading a book is fantastic to them.

10. Watching your book collection grow.
I had shelves and shelves of books when I lived with my parents, but most of them had to stay there when I moved across the country. So watching my new shelves slowly fill up has been a source of great pleasure for me.

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