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What Preschool-Aged Kids Think Of Books

A large chunk of what I do for work involves running music programs for daycares, which is a blast.

For this month (most of my daycares run on a 4 week rotation), I started using a sing-a-long book for part of the session, just to change things up. The story is about getting ready to sleep and friends and things like that (the song itself is a lullaby). I’ve been working with most of these kids since October, but I’ve never brought any books into the sessions before, and the kids have had some great reactions to it.

It’s only been a week of the session plan (about 18 classes), but I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things that the kids have said below for you to enjoy (these guys will definitely be the book bloggers of 10-20 years from now).

“How mad are you gonna be when I put this in my mouth?”

“Books are for reading, not for singing. I’m three and even I know that.”

“Books are for library time, and we already had library time. I don’t want more books.”

“This book sucks. Can you sing a different one? Can I pick it out?”

“That’s a girl book.” ‘Why?’ “Because there’s a girl on the cover.”

“If there’s no dragons in this book, I’m gonna scream.”

“Can you sing Harry Potter next time?”

“You should return that book to the store. It’s awful.”

“A book? Can’t we do more instruments instead?”

“This book smells like my feet. Here, smell them! They smell like your book!”

“You know what’s better than that book? EVERYTHING!”

“Is music over yet?”

Conclusion so far? Sing-a-long book is not going over well, but is proving to be very entertaining.


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