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20 Bookish Facts and 5 Non-Bookish Facts About Me

I love visiting other blogs and reading these posts (or watching the youtube videos), so I thought I would do one for you folks as well. Let you get to know me a little better, and, if you feel so inclined, you could leave a few bookish facts in the comments so I can learn a bit more about you!

  1. I’ve always been an avid reader. I’ve never had the experience of a book getting me into reading.
  2. I learned to read pretty young, and I started school later because of where my birthday falls in the year. This resulted in me getting yelled at for lying when I was in preschool, because I told the teacher I was reading a book, and she said that I was too young to read. I proved her wrong, and she told my parents that I was misbehaving.
  3. I’m new to the book world that exists online, because I honestly never thought to look before a few months ago. I had only heard of Goodreads, but never thought to look for blogs or instagram or anything of the sort.
  4. I prefer paperbacks to hardcovers, even though they get destroyed much more easily.
  5. I try to buy as many of my books used or publisher returned as possible. Partially because of cost, and partially because of trees.
  6. I stopped reading for fun in university, and it took me almost a year after graduating to start again.
  7. I have been writing reviews since I was in junior high, but only posted my first one only about a month ago. The rest have been filling notebooks and planners.
  8. For an assignment in university, I had to take a children’s book and write a collection of songs that told the story in full. I still do this for work, because I love combining my job and my main hobby.
  9. I think that adults miss out when they don’t read children’s books.
  10. I own over 150 books, but 80% of them are on the other side of the country, because I only had enough room to take work-related books when I moved.
  11. I keep a few easy to read books in my car for when I need to kill time and haven’t packed one.
  12. I always feel really weird when I write reviews of memoirs or autobiographies. It’s one thing to judge a story, but something entirely different to judge someone’s life.
  13. I read very few Canadian books, which makes me sad. I need to find more books by authors from my own country.
  14. I only own two books in French, though I wish I had more.
  15. I set a reading goal on Goodreads, but I really don’t care about it. I’d rather only read 5 amazing books in a year, than push myself to get through 35 I don’t really care about.
  16. I skip any paragraph that takes longer than 2 sentences to describe a setting. I’m not particularly detail orientated and my imagination will do its own thing anyway, so I just don’t bother.
  17. I like seeing books that are well worn, have cracked spines, or the covers are starting to curl, separate, or fade. It shows that a book was well loved.
  18. I have a thing for books about royalty or World War 2.
  19. I have no problem with romance in stories, until the characters whole life revolves around the other person. You need more in your life than just a partner, even if you’re just a character in a book.
  20. I was, and still am, nervous about this whole book blogging thing, because I really have no clue what I’m doing. It’s been fun so far though.

I decided to include a few non-bookish facts about me as well, because I know that the other aspects of my life to affect my reading and book choices. So here goes (these were harder to come up with than the first 20…):

  1. I own and run a small music therapy practice. It’s a lot of work, but so worth it.
  2. I moved across Canada after I graduated university because you can’t find work in my field back home.
  3. I love biking, and actually spent three summers working at a day camp that taught kids to ride. I would bike everywhere if it was a more reasonable option.
  4. I used to drink my coffee with sugar, but I lived with roommates who were taller than me in university, and they always put the sugar on a shelf beyond my reach. I was too lazy in the mornings to go find a step-stool, so I learned to enjoy coffee without sugar. Now I can’t stand it to be sweetened.
  5. I am fascinated by languages. In addition to English, I also speak French and am learning American Sign Language. I also want to learn Spanish and German.

3 thoughts on “20 Bookish Facts and 5 Non-Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I definitely think that adults miss out when they don’t read children’s books and I think it’s the same for teenagers when they don’t read Middle Grade.
    And for number 12 I kind of feel the same when I’m reviewing books about mental illness like what I recent did because I’ve never really had a mental illness before.

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