Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard


Mare Barrow’s blood is red—the color of common folk—but her Silver ability, the power to control lightning, has turned her into a weapon that the royal court tries to control.

The crown calls her an impossibility, a fake, but as she makes her escape from Maven, the prince—the friend—who betrayed her, Mare uncovers something startling: she is not the only one of her kind.

Pursued by Maven, now a vindictive king, Mare sets out to find and recruit other Red-and-Silver fighters to join in the struggle against her oppressors.

But Mare finds herself on a deadly path, at risk of becoming exactly the kind of monster she is trying to defeat.

Will she shatter under the weight of the lives that are the cost of rebellion? Or have treachery and betrayal hardened her forever?

The electrifying next installment in the Red Queen series escalates the struggle between the growing rebel army and the blood-segregated world they’ve always known—and pits Mare against the darkness that has grown in her soul.

Song For This Book: Running Up That Hill by Placebo


Okay, be honest: did this book kind of feel like Mockingjay to anyone else, or was that just me?

Not necessarily in a bad way, but for a good chunk of the middle section of this book, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was really similar to Suzanne Collin’s Mockingjay. I’m not entirely sure what it was – maybe a mix of the hiding out, plus Mare’s obvious PTSD – but it felt like a strange flashback. But maybe that’s just me, and I’ve read one too many YA dystopian novels.

I automatically had lower expectations for this book, for the sole reason that it’s the second book in a trilogy. The middle book always slacks a little, because it has to help finish up the first book, while setting up for the third. And as far as second books go, I think this was did the job pretty well. It definitely had its’ moments, but overall, I really enjoyed reading the book, and I definitely had some trouble putting it down (I may have read this over the course of a long weekend…). I really enjoyed (or appropriately hated) some of the new characters they introduced, and I enjoyed the action and adventure that took place. It seemed like a good progression from the first book, and I am definitely interested where it will go for the third.

The Good Points of Glass Sword:
-Some of the new blood abilities that were introduce are fascinating, as are the characters that were introduced for the first time.
-I really enjoyed the way Mare’s relationships developed, and where they all stood at the end of the book. Compared to similar relationships in other books, I felt they were realistic and a good representation of what PTSD can do to your interactions with other people. (This is vague, I know, but I don’t want to give any spoilers away!)
-I love Shade, and I’m so glad that he got to be part of the book.
-The writing is very easy to read, allowing you to get wrapped up in the drama rather than the words.
-This book has one hell of an ending, and one very evil cliffhanger.

The Downsides of Glass Sword:
-The middle of the book dragged a bit. There just wasn’t much going on, and the characters’ actions were repetitive, and it was kind of dull. Thankfully, this didn’t last too long.
-I don’t like how Mare’s character developed in this book. I get it, especially with everything she’s been though and is going through, but she got kind of annoying towards the end. I hold out hope, though, because of the aforementioned relationship developments, which hopefully means the author has a plan for this.
-It felt a bit like Mockingjay, which weirded me out.
-MAVEN IS STILL NOT REAL AND I STILL CANNOT PUNCH HIM IN THE NOSE. (I am not team Maven, if you missed that.)

All in all, I did really enjoy this book. There were some minor things that I didn’t like, but if they’re building up to something in the third book, I can be okay with that. I can’t wait until the third book comes out and we can see where Mare ends up. Definitely one you should check out if you enjoyed the first book.


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